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Book Titles & Summaries

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
I was looking for just this kind of book. Most retirement books are talking about money,and selling you something, this book talks about your life. I am a nervous Nellie when it comes to change or decisions. I research till I know the topic as well as I can and then make my decision.
I saw myself in so many discriptions in the book. I was a workaholic. I now know better and I am trying to change my thinking about work and leisure. I have taken more time off this year than last year to date and plan a lot more days off. I thought my world would fall apart if I did this. It hasn't fallen apart-matter of fact work has gone along just fine without me! This is something of a shock. All those extra hours were a waste of time, my time! I still have a lot of work to do on learning to find my life and live it "Wild and Free", but I am making some progress.
This book made me think about retirement and life in a whole new way. The humor, quotes and exercises helped me understand my possibilities better. I am retiring next summer and moving on to the rest of my life and looking forward to it. Thank you Mr.Zelinski!

No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain
Super eBook about Muscle Grow…

The 7 Worst Things Parents Do
Most "parenting" books have common goals (e.g how to raise a happy, moral, responsible, self-confident child that achieves his/her full potential). The books just disagree about the best way to achieve these goals. In this book, however, I found myself disagreeing with the stated goals of good parenting. The Friels describe several examples of parenting "failures" that I would consider successes. For example, if your 24 year old daughter says her mother is her best friend, she's a failure (and you've failed as a parent). If your child graduates from college and turns down a good job across the country in favor of a lesser paying job closer to home, you've raised a dependent, clingy person who failed to separate from family appropriately. I guess one person's pathological intertwined relationship is someone else's good close family tie! Nevertheless, the book contains lots of good old-fashioned common-sense advice about raising children and I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

2012-Maya Calendar and the world Prophecies
The most discussed 2012 dilemma about the end of life on earth as predicted by a thousands year old mexican race known as MAYA. Their futuristic calendar about the various time periods and theory supported by many visionary...

You'd Be So Pretty If
So often books with subjects like this are written by PhDs who complicate the subject with a lot of scientific information that us regular folk have to wade through in order to get the basic guidance we are looking for. Not here. Dara Chadwick is first a mother, and second, a writer -- the only qualifications needed to write this amazing book. The book is well written, enjoyable to read, and most importantly successful in imparting real wisdom on the subject of body image. Whether it is through the stories of real women and girls the author interviewed or through the practical tips at the end of each chapter, you finish this book feeling like you are now armed to be a better mother to your daughter. Chadwick's willingness to include the personal stories of her mother, her daughter and herself add a human element that makes you confident she knows what she is talking about.

The First Man in Rome
This is a great book. It presents the reader with a dazzling image of ancient Rome, in fact I literally felt transported back to the Rome of the time of Marius. After reading all of McCullough's "Masters of Rome" books (those written as of this date) this one is still my favorite. I've read a fair amount about Rome, but no book that I have read has ever explained Rome's politics and social structure half as well as this one.
Marius is shown as what he was: a giant. I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with McCullough's portrayal of Sulla, but each reader can make that decision for him or her self. This book covers the time period as from shortly before the Jugurthine War (which I never really understood until I read this book) to slightly after Marius' conquest of the German tribes. But this isn't just a book about wars. McCullough takes the readers into the Senate, into private conversations of Roman (and foreign) leaders, and really tries to get at the guts of what was going on in the Roman Republic at this critical stage of its history. Mostly, she succeeds brilliantly.

You're a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either)
For 21st century mothers, there seem to be just two choices: be a Super Mom or be a Slacker Mom. One's bad for you; one's bad for your kids. So what's a momma to do?
In You're a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either), the Internet's favorite momma, Jen Singer, tells all. Turns out you can raise perfectly good kids in that sweet spot between flash cards at breakfast and "donuts for dinner, kids!"
It's for every mom who's ured to be perfect yet lost under the laundry, wondering if she's a bad mom. It's for every mom to wants to enjoy-not endure-motherhood while still giving her kids what they truly need to succeed.
Filled with "that happened to me, too!" stories and wrapped in the wit that could only come from the creator of Please Take My Children to Work Day, this book offers giggles and a pat on the back for today's moms, whether they're deep in diapers or petrified by puberty.

Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas
Thoughtful essays on the history, significance, and pleasures of whiskey
Everyone becomes a philosopher with a drink in hand, but Whiskey & Philosophy takes this natural pairing to a new level. It explores a range of philosophical topics related to whiskey through engaging reflections written by philosophers, whiskey writers, and others.
You will learn things that are both practical (how do tasting notes vary across guides and whiskey brands?) and thought provoking (why is there the popular conception that drinking whiskey makes people mean, and is it true?). Whether your interest lies in the drink itself or in the philosophical issues surrounding it, you'll find something to interest you in this unusual book.
•Covers subjects ranging from geographical origin to stylistic differences between whiskey and Scotch
•Explores philosophical ideas such as the aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics of whiskey and whiskey drinking
•Includes contributions from academics, journalists, and whiskey specialists, all written in an engaging and accessible style
Whether you prefer your whiskey neat or in a Manhattan, from the United States, Scotland, or elsewhere, Whiskey & Philosophy is your perfect drinking companion.

Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars)
A Templar knight and a woman he saves from an arranged marriage go on a hunt for the legendary Ark of the Covenant that takes them from the scorching desert of Jerusalem to the heathered highlands of Scotland.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Self-Defense
You're no idiot, of course! You know it's not wise to venture into a dark alley alone late at night, and you always tell your kids not to talk to strangers. But when it comes to preventing--and handling--an attack against yourself, your home, or your family, you feel closer to the Cowardly Lion than Braveheart. Don't buy a bulletproof vest just yet! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Self-Defense is your best bet for maximum protection, short of hiring an NFL lineman as your bodyguard.

The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking
The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking is a wonderful guide to the incredible variety of chili peppers and Asian herbs and spices used to create the luscious, highly sought-after flavors of Eastern cuisine. Whether you are a fan of hot, fiery flavors or of more subtle, tangy aromas, this book provides recipes you'll love from Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Burma and Indonesia, among others.
Also included are instructions for the storage of spices and guidelines for making your own curry pastes, salsas and relishes. The chilies, herbs and spices used in this book can be added, subtracted or substituted to suit individual hot and spicy tastes. Covering everything from appetizers to meat dishes, soups to vegetables, desserts to drinks, The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking shows just how easy it is to prepare and cook traditional hot and spicy foods.

Hero at Large
Janet's first book it definately one of her best romance novels. Those of us who have read them all know they are very similar in the fact that they all involved fast evolving relationships...who falls madly in love in a few days :) But this one has you hooked in the few few pages and is a short read that you just can't put down. Janet's books give mom's/wives like me the escape to a more exciting life that we all dream about. They are kinda far fetched in the men being so romantic, but we all can dream...right ladies!?!?!

Fortune's Favorites
For the first time in this series we experience the charm and brilliance of its real subject, Caesar, close up and personal. As McCullough mentions, she has far more historical sources to work with now, and indeed the two new heroes were master propagandists. I enjoyed this book more than the first two. McCullough goes far toward weaving a totally convincing sense of patrician majesty and paternal authority in fortune-favored Roman lives like Caesar or Pompey the self-styled Great.
This is a transitional novel, covering the end of the Marius-Sulla conflict and the first stirrings of the rivalry between Pompey and Caesar. The "problem" with such books is aggravated because McCullough is hewing so close to history rather than inventing characters and episodes that will lead to some great climax after 900 pages. While McCullough's prose is skillful it does not soar, and the reader does need to work hard to keep track of the parallel stories taking place on a jiggered timeline in Italy, Spain, or Anatolia.

Fantasy in Death
This, my fellow Eve and Rourke fans, is the the beginning of the end. Not in a horrible, "OMG, this series has totally gone downhill" but in the slow, beautiful way stories about couples come to a resolution. As Roberts says in the video on this page, people grow and change - Eve has had made amazing personal and emotional leaps from the first In Death novel and Rourke has been right beside her. "Fantasy" shows what happens when that growth starts to pay off. The entire time I was reading "Fantasy in Death", I felt like I was reuniting with friends I hadn't seen since their wedding and was now watching them interact as a couple that is deeply and passionately in love. Granted, Roberts sets it up way with a consistent narrative thread around relationships but not once did I feel she was pushing Eve and Rourke as a couple in the reader's face. Each time it emerged, it made perfect sense and was delightful to read. This is a series about Eve and Rourke and some books have been relationship-lite and cop-heavy. "Fantasy" is the ideal balance. Because it is book 30, the ending scenes gave my heart a bit of a stutter but the resolution only reinforced the consequences of Eve's growth as a woman and a wife. There is one meta-moment that I read as a shout out to fans (an Eve and Rourke conversation echoes comments that Nora Roberts has made about the end of the series) that made me chuckle and the technology has gone into truly science fiction, reinforcing that this is a series set in 2058. Like any good scifi author, Roberts/Robb has given us enough science to make is plausible and enough fiction to make it cool.

Burning Lamp (An Arcane Society Novel)
Two strong characters are brought together to discover if a lamp has mysterious properties. I love these characters. Griffin Winters is a crime lord but I found him to be honorable and compassionate in his own way. He is intelligent and no ones fool. Adelaide Payne is very much her own woman. After a terrifying experience when she was fifteen , she left England. After making her own way in America, she is drawn back to England. These two people intersect and sparks fly. Can these two people help each other? Only time will tell. All I can tell you is that I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Of course I also enjoyed meeting up again with some of the other characters I have enjoyed in previous books. I can hardly wait for the next book.

Antony and Cleopatra: A Novel (Masters of Rome)
Colleen McCullough has again produced an enthralling novel of first century BC Republican Rome in "Antony and Cleopatra". If you want a book that accurately tells it the way it probably was then this is the one to get.
The drama of Antony and Cleopatra must be one of the most common historical stories told and there have been many novels and films about this era. One of the recent additions was the visually impressive but historically questionable TV series "Rome". There are a variety of interpretations of the story, some having Octavian as the villain and others Antony and Cleopatra. Octavian in this work is largely the good guy with Antony coming across as a skilled soldier but generally a pretty unimpressive character who is constantly manipulated by a scheming Cleopatra. Cleopatra is also pictured as being slightly naive without a real understanding of the Roman world as she ruthlessly pursues the interests of Caesarion, her son by Julius Caesar. McCullough also takes the view that Cleopatra was physically rather unattractive which is supported by her coin portraits. This view is still unproven but no one, of course, will ever know the complete truth.
There is a lot of detail here and it takes careful work to follow all the characters, relationships and military campaigns. There are plenty of maps though and the usual glossary at the end to help.

Animation: The Mechanics of Motion
Over the years I have read and browsed many books on animation. Not only does this book cover the basics it explains them. The figures are easy to follow and convey complex concepts well. A lot of other animation books will cover a basic walk cycle from just the side view. Webster's book covers it from the side and front. I have had this book for a year and it has not made it to my bookshelf yet. I use it constantly for reference.

25 Stupid Mistakes Parents Make
This book does an amazing job of bringing to life the challenges parents face in today's fast paced world with real-life examples and stories. After reading this book, I feel so much better about myself as a parent. I know I was not alone in my parenting struggles and that I was not a bad parent. This book gives practical advice on parenting throughout the life span (childhood to adulthood). I highly recommend this. It's very positive and easy to read.

Rumors of Another World: What on Earth Are We Missing?
Philip Yancey believes we are missing the supernatural hidden in everyday life. In this 2004 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit winner he investigates the natural world and discovers the supernatural hiding in plain view. Nature and super nature are not two separate worlds, but different expressions of the same reality. To encounter the world as a whole, we need a more supernatural awareness of the natural world. He promises that the grace-filled result will be a life of beauty, purpose, freedom, and faith.

Wildflowers in the Field and Forest
Many of us have stopped to pick bunches of wildflowers or have admired them as they flourished in fields, hiking trails, and roads. Always appreciated but not always recognized, now these beauties can easily be identified with Wildflowers in the Field and Forest, the most inclusive field guide available to the wildflowers of the northeastern United States.
Designed for easy use, the book features two-page spreads with descriptive text and range maps on one side facing pages of color photos on the other. The descriptions are concise, but thorough, and the range maps show both where the plant grows and what time of year it is likely to be in bloom. Plants are grouped by flower color, usually the feature first noticed by the observer. The species are subsequently grouped by petal arrangement, type of leaves, and number of flower parts as indicated in the "quick characters" box at the top of each page. There is also a simple key in the beginning of the book that allows one to quickly narrow the search to a few pages. In addition to the more common and conspicuous wildflowers, many of the lesser known, and often overlooked, species are also depicted. Full-color photos generally show the flowers of the plant, and while insets of leaves (and occasionally fruits) are often included to help in identification. A bar on each photo allows users to accurately judge the actual size of each flower.
Both serious botanists and casual nature observers will welcome this beautifully illustrated and expertly detailed guide.

Saving Gracie: How One Dog Escaped the Shadowy World of American Puppy Mills
A compelling true story of one dog's rescue from a Pennsylvania puppy mill
This touching narrative uses the poignant makeover of Gracie, a sickly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, to tell the story of America's hidden puppy mills-commercial kennels that breed dogs in horrific living conditions and churn out often-diseased and emotionally damaged puppies for sale.
Saving Gracie chronicles how one little dog is transformed from a bedraggled animal worn out from bearing puppies into a loving, healthy member of her new family; and how her owner, Linda Jackson, is changed from a person who barely tolerated dogs to a woman passionately determined not only to save Gracie's life, but also to get the word out about the millions of American puppy mill dogs who need our help.

The Simpsons Handbook
This book is full of rules about how to draw the Simpsons characters, and those rules have made it possible for thousands of artists to draw the Simpsons pretty much the same way.

Art & Science of Dumpster Diving
FUN! RESOURCEFULNESS! CHAOS! EDUCATION! This one has it all! If you are looking for a down-to-earth story for giggles, or you're entertaining thoughts of what might be hiding out in those dumpsters for average joes and janes like many of us, or you (like me) are a salty, seasoned veteran of the dumpster diving scene, YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!
Written in an inviting comic-like style with bold openness and humor that keeps you engaged, this text is hard to put down! Follow "Slash" and friends through adventures in dumpster diving trials and treasures as they share time-honored secrets of the trade, and tickle your funnybone while doing it. A TRUE AND COMPLETE GUIDE for ALL DIVERS (and those who want to laugh, too! :)

1,001 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Cats (download password:
Think you know everything about your feline companion?
In 1,001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Cats, trivia specialist and certified cat fancier J. Stephen Lang puts your whisker wisdom to the test with 1,001 tantalizing trivia tidbits. From myths and legends to famous cat lovers (and haters), "catty" phrases to cartoon kitties, bewildering behavioral quirks to mating and motherhood, you'll learn about:
* five U.S. presidents who adored cats . . . and one who hated them with a passion!
* why cats enjoy kneading their human companions with their paws;
* a breed of cat with webbed feet who swims for his seafood supper!
* the most popular male and female cat names today.
With these and 997 other delicious trivia morsels, you'll discover an abundance of unexpected delights on every page!
Small Dogs, Big Hearts: A Guide to Caring for Your Little Dog
Small dogs can bring big rewards!
Small dogs are charming, intelligent, and loving, but they can also be overly energetic, manipulative, and stubborn. How do you ensure that your little dog becomes a fun, feisty best friend rather than a tiny terror?
Small Dogs, Big Hearts is an updated and expanded edition of the classic The Irrepressible Toy Dog. It features the very latest, safest, and fastest training methods for little dogs. There's no need to use training methods from the past that don't work well with most dogs, let alone little ones who view the world and their owners from a very different vantage point. You'll find everything you need to know to train your little dog, from housetraining to house manners, in this updated volume.
Small Dogs, Big Hearts follows the small dog from puppyhood through the senior years, giving advice on important topics such as:
pampering your pint-sized pooch
With lots of adorable photos, you'll see small dogs at their most charming while you learn to bring out the best in your little bundle of love.
Darlene Arden is widely acknowledged as an authority on small dogs, and is the author of many books and articles about dogs and their care. A member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, she is a certified animal behavior consultant and a regular contributor to Animal Radio Network.

Guide to a Healthy Cat
The definitive guide to feline well-being
Written by a noted feline veterinarian, Guide to a Healthy Cat addresses cat owners' needs for an accessible, fully up-to-date guide to feline health. Dr. Elaine Wexler-Mitchell offers a thorough discussion of feline disease-how to combat it and how to manage it. She covers the latest in research and veterinary practice, including new information on vaccines, diabetes, nutrition, diagnostics, and treatments. Readers will learn what foods are best for their cats and how to feed the finicky feline; the latest developments in keeping cats flea-free; and how to keep peace in a multi-cat home. The author offers sensible, practical advice on keeping cats safe from household dangers, including toxic plants, and guidance in grooming for good health.
Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM (Orange, CA), is the owner and originator of The Cat Care Clinic. She is a former president of the Academy of Feline Medicine and served on the board of The American Association of Feline Practitioners. Wexler-Mitchell is also a member of other veterinary organizations including AVMA, AAHA, SCVMA, and the CVMA. She is a contributing editor to Cat Fancy magazine and writes the "Ask the Vet" column.


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