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Book Titles & Summaries

The Illustrated Quick Cook: Easy Entertaining, After-Work Recipes, Cheap Eats
Never has fast home cooking
with fresh ingredients been more important than it is now. The pressure on the home cook is ever increasing: how can I prepare a balanced meal from scratch when I have only 30 minutes to spare, and 4 hungry mouths to feed? I want to make something from scratch for one, but will it be simple enough? Every minute counts-I've got unexpected guests tonight, what can I whip up quick, that won't disappoint?
Family food is not just about fussy eaters and getting the quantities right. It's also about flexible eating-how often does everyone sit around the table together? Once a week if you're lucky! So, food that can be prepared in advance, and simple straightforward dishes, are an essential part of the equation. We've taken all of this into consideration and come up with recipes that cover every need, with speed, so you will never have to resort to the ready meals aisle in the supermarket. The Illustrated Quick Cook is not trying to change the way you eat, introduce you to obscure ingredients, or take you off the beaten track. It's there to make your life easier, from planning, through cooking, to serving.
More than just recipes, The Illustrated Quick Cook offers fantastic value for the price. Extra features include: handy menu planners, recipe chooser galleries, Cheat tips, Cook's Notes, recipe variations, and practical information to introduce you to every time-saving chapter theme. With far more recipes than any of its competitors, and a picture of every finished dish, The Illustrated Quick Cook delivers fast food for every occasion.

How to Play Jazz and Improvise
This book teaches how to learn to improvise for all instruments. Jamey's message is that it is easy to improvise. He introduces a way of practicing that starts simple and adds complexity step by step. There is much wisdom here, though sometimes a bit scattered and not that organized. The book is more practical than analytical, with short chapters on different topics and many musical examples and licks. I think the main strength with this book lies in the inspirational tone and the play-a-longs on the companion cd. I really like to play along with the songs. Even though the pianist, the drummer and the bass player play "simple" chord progressions and 12-bar blues songs they swing and they groove!
You should buy the DVD also, because in the DVD Jamey sits at his piano and explains many of the concepts presented in the book and shows how to play along. I find his way of talking about and demonstrating jazz to be very inspiring. He makes it simple. I have watched the DVD many times by now, just to get me in the right mood.

Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise
This is my first Ruth Reichl book, so I really didn't know what to expect, but was intrigued by the title. I just bought this today and am almost done. It feels like the best kind of book, a novel that just grabs hold and pulls you right into another world. I'm right there, as she dons her disguises, dresses up as her mother, right down to the attitude, as she sends dishes back, or gives herself up to the sheer pleasure of the food without over-analyzing it. What comes across more than anything, is the pure passion for the food and her job,and the sincerity and respect for the reader as she sets out to share her experience and to rate each restaurant.
She also has a way with description. I can almost taste these dishes, and am now starving...
If you like food, and the restaurant world, you will have an absolute ball with this book.

French English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
I minored in French when I was in college. The other day I stumbled upon this book @ a local Border's store. I had to buy it! This is a complete visual reference for those wanting to learn French or wanting to brush up on what they know already, or simply lear new words. I have always been a visual person, and this dictionary helps me remember the vocabulary since i can match it up to a picture.
The best thing about this dictionary is that it covers almost every topic imaginable, topics not even my French textbooks would cover such as health, clothing, services, shopping, food, studies, work, transportation, sports, leisure and the environment.
It covers such details such as computer and camera parts, to the positions in a football game, or members of a rock band. At the end of the book there's a list of useful phrases in french for everyday use.
I recommend this wonderful book. Kudos to DK publishing!!!

eBay Photography the Smart Way: Creating Great Product Pictures that Will Attract Higher Bids and Sell Your Items Faster
As a regular e-bayer, I'm always looking for a competitive marketing edge. This book clearly points a way to gain that edge by differentiating my offerings from a large majority of my competitors. I've often thought that most photographs used in e-bay marketing are mediocre, at best, my own included. When I see a good e-bay photographic presentation, I recognize the selling power that it represents, but I have rarely accomplished it myself. Sinclair and Livingston have produced a terrific book. If you read it and apply the material, almost anyone (including me) can produce "above average" photographs for their e-bay marketing. The book is a quick-read, but provides an excellent reference souce for later application of the material it contains. I've read a couple other e-bay books by Joe Sinclair and one thing I like about all these books is that they have a nice clean easy-to-read layout. Each chapter in this book has substantial stand-alone value. A chapter that may be a trinket to you might be a treasure to me, and vice versa. In total, however, the book will have great value to any serious e-bay marketer. If "a picture is worth a thousand words", then several very good pictures make a powerful e-bay sales presentaion, indeed. My conclusion ... a great book, complete, perfect for practical application.

Diane Warner's Complete Book of Wedding Toasts
I disagree with the one star reviewer... This is a simple straightforward discussion with examples of toasts and ideas for toasts by all the important members of the wedding party. All the examples of toasts are brief (and let's keep it that way at the event too). There are helpful suggestions on presentation style, preparation, suitable content for toasts, and other useful items. I bought two for the couple and one for the parents. If it saves some time and helps them put together beautiful toasts, the book is easily worth the cost.

Accounting Workbook For Dummies
Since I did not major in accounting in undergrad I purchased this book to help me get a general understanding of how the process works. I found the chapters on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet most useful. The author walks you through the process explaining the difference between all the different categories. I also purchased Accounting For Dummies (Accounting for Dummies), but I found this workbook to be sufficient for what I needed. Highly Recommended!

100 Most Strangest Mysteries
No one can know everything, but that's no reason not to try, not to mention that the pursuit of ultimate knowledge sure can be fun. Matt Lamy covers a vast array of topics in the arena of the unknown in his book, 100 Strangest Mysteries. It reads like a general survey college course for everything you want to know about interesting and unexplainable history. An equally good title for the book would be Strangest Mysteries 101.
In like manner to a college 101 course, Lamy's book provides enough information on each of the one hundred topics he addresses to satisfy some degree of curiosity. Readers won't finish the book and be ready to sit for comprehensive exams, but they will certainly be prepared to hold a cocktail conversation on folklore like Big Foot and lost relics such as the Ark of the Covenant.
The real beauty of the Matt Lamy's work comes as it wets the reader's appetite for more. The concise sections lay solid groundwork for further independent study for those who want desperately to know everything about everything or at least take pleasure in having strong knowledge in quirky facts.
Lamy writes about Ley Lines in the book. He notes how some scientists and others believe the lines provide mysterious connections across the globe. In like manner, people, places and poltergeists come together under one cover in 100 Strangest Mysteries to help the "lay" reader to connect geography and other phenomena that link strange and mysterious oddities of time and space. The book makes you think and wonder. It's a fun read.

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality
I have a nephew who is at a loss as to what career path to take...I gave this book to him and he spent the entire holiday week off from school reading this. Its chocked with information that relates to one's personality and what career fits with your talents. It points out a surprising number of sub fields one could consider, which I think fascinated my nephew.
This is a worthwhile book to give teenagers. IT explores the personality, likes and dislikes of certain fields, and actually spikes the teen's imagination and curiosity about different career fields one may not be familiar with.

Codes: The Guide to Secrecy From Ancient to Modern Times
From the Rosetta Stone to public-key cryptography, the art and science of cryptology has been used to unlock the vivid history of ancient cultures, to turn the tide of warfare, and to thwart potential hackers from attacking computer systems. Codes: The Guide to Secrecy from Ancient to Modern Times explores the depth and breadth of the field, remaining accessible to the uninitiated while retaining enough rigor for the seasoned cryptologist. The book begins by tracing the development of cryptology from that of an arcane practice used, for example, to conceal alchemic recipes, to the modern scientific method that is studied and employed today. The remainder of the book explores the modern aspects and applications of cryptography, covering symmetric- and public-key cryptography, cryptographic protocols, key management, message authentication, e-mail and Internet security, and advanced applications such as wireless security, smart cards, biometrics, and quantum cryptography. The author also includes non-cryptographic security issues and a chapter devoted to information theory and coding. Nearly 200 diagrams, examples, figures, and tables along with abundant references and exercises complement the discussion. Written by leading authority and best-selling author on the subject Richard A. Mollin, Codes: The Guide to Secrecy from Ancient to Modern Times is the essential reference for anyone interested in this exciting and fascinating field, from novice to veteran practitioner.

Architect's Portable Handbook
When it comes to providing architects with quick, accurate guidance for a complete range of on-the-job issues, no book matches The Architect's Portable Handbook from McGraw-Hill.
Some of the highlighted features :
• Compiles all the rules of thumb and referenced facts to provide a convenient, one-stop resource for builders and architects
• Updated to include new cost information and coverage of the latest International Building and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Codes
• Hundreds of diagrams, charts, tables, checklists, details, and other design data for building materials, components, and assemblies
• Structured to follow typical job progression, this resource covers initial planning and estimating through design and construction

Woodworking: The Complete Step-by-step Guide To Skills, Techniques, More Than 40 Projects
Essential skills. Tried and true techniques. 448 pages. More than 1000 photos, illustrations and diagrams. More than 40 fabulous woodworking projects.
From setting up a workshop to the principles of good design, how to use tools and essential techniques, you'll find the expert guidance and clear instruction you need to become a master woodworker. This comprehensive and complete book presents: choosing wood, measuring, marking and layout, cutting, joinery, drilling, shaping, clamping, gluing, fastening, finishing and more, plus more than 40 home furnishings and accessory projects to make and display.

The Greenhaven Encyclopedias Of - Paranormal Phenomena
Each volume in The Greenhaven Encyclopedia Of series provides an abundance of information on a particular historical era or topic. Compelling entries present definitions of important terms, biographies of central figures, and brief narratives of pivotal events that transformed civilizations and nations. Students will find quick and easily accessible answers to the difficult questions that arise while researching events, personalities, and issues of the past.
Each book contains a table of contents, a quick reference subject index, and a comprehensive index to assist students in finding the information they need. A comprehensive bibliography offers further avenues for research. The Greenhaven Encyclopedia series offers students an open window on the world of the past.

Understanding Photography Field Guide
Everything you need to know in one take-anywhere field guide!
This all-in-one guide from renowned photographer, instructor, and author Bryan Peterson will help you take better photos anytime, anywhere–with any camera.
Want to finally understand exposure? Interested in learning to "see" and composing your images more creatively? Ready to master the magic of light? It’s all here, the techniques every amateur photographer needs to take better nature, landscape, people, and close-up photos. You’ll even get creative techniques, like making "rain" and capturing "ghosts," and practical advice on gear, equipment, and postprocessing software. Filled with Bryan’s inspirational photographs, this is the one essential guide for every camera bag.

The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual
Though its roots are in Hinduism, tantra's goals are the universal ones of self-knowledge and liberated joy. Its methods and effects transcend geography and era, and can be applied to everyday life. This historical survey explains the roles of astronomy, astrology, alchemy, and cosmology in tantrism. It discusses the different viewpoints of "left-hand" and "right-hand" tantrikas and their respective attitudes toward human sexuality and its place in ritual.
The drawings and illustrations serve further to explain and instruct, thus providing a unique opportunity for close contact with one of the world's oldest practical methods of achieving an expanded and creative awareness of oneself. 228 illustrations, 18 in color.

Starting Over: How to Change Your Career or Start Your Own Business
This invaluable guide offers a definitive game plan for anyone seeking to redefine his or her work status--for finding a new career or even starting a personal business

Animals Up Close
This visually stunning natural history book brings the animal kingdom closer than you've ever seen it before!
Dramatically close-up images of animals from insects to reptiles to mammals to birds reveal spectacular patterns and shapes. The colors, textures, and structures of all parts of an animal are presented in breathtaking photographs, challenging the reader's understanding of animals and their habitats.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume
Resume: revamped for the times, technology, and the recession...
The recession has made finding a job harder than ever. Everything now takes place online, and a resume's preparation is different than even a few years ago. This new edition has changed with the times, focusing on what's most important in an electronic resume. Full of successful resume samples and cover letters
, the book also focuses on the key words and phrases that will bring readers' resumes to the top of the HR pile.
•More than 100 samples of real-life resumes and cover letters, many of them new
•Founded in real-life experience without the rigid resume-writing rules of other guides
•Ideal for all job seekers, from new grads to the laid off worker, new mothers to senior citizens

What Does a Woman Want?
Freud's question is at the root of his discoveries about the unconscious. Serge Andre says that a woman wants the truth, and, in this subtle and highly original comparison of Freud and Lacan, he explains why.

The Great Pheromone Myth
Mammalian pheromones, audiomones, visuomones, and snarks -- Richard Doty argues that they all belong in the same category: objects of imagination.
For more than 50 years, researchers -- including many prominent scientists -- have identified pheromones as the triggers for a wide range of mammalian behaviors and endocrine responses. In this provocative book, renowned olfaction expert Richard L. Doty rejects this idea and states bluntly that, in contrast to insects, mammals do not have pheromones.
Doty systematically debunks the claims and conclusions of studies that purport to reveal the existence of mammalian pheromones. He demonstrates that there is no generally accepted scientific definition of what constitutes a mammalian pheromone and that attempts to divide stimuli and complex behaviors into pheromonal and nonpheromonal categories have primarily failed. Doty's controversial assertion belies a continued fascination with the pheromone concept, numerous claims of its chemical isolation, and what he sees as the wasted expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars by industry and government.
The Great Pheromone Myth directly challenges ideas about the role chemicals play in mammalian behavior and reproductive processes. It is a must-have reference for biologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and readers interested in animal behavior, ecology, and evolution.

One Million Things: Planet Earth
A photographic feast serves up imagery and information about all things planet Earth: from its place in the solar system, to what it's made of, to what grows in it and on it, to what hovers above it.
Following on the incredible success of One Million Things: A Visual Dictionary, this spectacular book features dynamic photographic spreads that beautifully showcase the rocks, minerals, streams, oceans, layers, clouds, ancient sediments, and brand-new islands that make up our planet. There are millions of things to learn about Planet Earth!

Encyclopedia of the Central Intelligence Agency
This A-Z reference provides detailed descriptions and definitions of key CIA terms, players, equipment, operations and parallel organizations. It also discusses perceptions of the agency in popular culture, including its portrayal in film, television and fiction.

Fated Love
New employee Quinn Maguire shows up at Philadelphia Medical College's ER/Trauma Unit on a quiet Monday morning, but before she's even had a chance to be introduced to the lone woman sitting behind the intake counter, a gunshot victim is wheeled in. Quinn looks around, can't find an attending physician, and immediately takes over the victim's care with the help of a nurse and the woman who first greeted her whom she assumes is a resident. Big mistake. Instead, it's Honor Blake, the chief of emergency services. Fortunately, Honor doesn't hold Quinn's assumptions against her. While both women are secretly impressed with the skills the other displayed in saving the patient's life, they're also wary of the other.
So begins an uneasy alliance during which circumstances draw Honor and Quinn together, and they find themselves unaccountably attracted to one another. Honor can't figure out why a surgeon as skilled as Quinn chose to leave a prominent position at a big-time New York hospital to be an attending ER doctor at a university hospital in Philly. And Quinn can't figure out why Honor shies away from her when it's clear there's an undeniable pull between them. Both of them have secrets they refuse to divulge. How can they work together, much less become friends-or more-so long as each is so carefully guarding her own little world?

Jurassic Origami
Most of the models in this book are modular: This means that you make the head and body sections separately and then glue them together. There is also some cutting involved, but only in one or two of the designs.
The benefit of modular origami, is that it is possible to get more detail into the models and these dinosaurs really do look great once they are finished. They are quite easy to adapt, so you can put them in different poses.
Another good thing about this book, is the scale chart at the back. This tells you, in centimetres, which size squares to use if you want to produce dinosaurs that are to scale with one another. So your Veloceraptor won't tower over your T-Rex.

An Introduction to Drawing
A practical, professional art course in every volume. Turn the pages of An Introduction to Drawing -- and discover an exciting art couse that teaches you how to work in this expressive, versatile medium. An Introduction to Drawing is a practical guide to a wide rage of drawing techniques. More than 300 photographs guide the beginner through a series of exercises designed to teach all the essentials of drawing. Revealing projects focus on professional drawings, all shown in the making so novices can follow the creative process step-by-step. Unique gallery pages display works of masters -- drawing that will instruct and inspire every student of the medium. Packed with specially commissioned artworks, clear instruction, and easy-to-follow exercises, The DK Art School offers idea courses for "armchair" art students. The DK Art School series is a new way to learn, improve, or master drawing and painting skills. Carefully constructed courses ensure that you gain both the confidence and the know-how to create imaginative, beautiful pictures. With individual volumes on subjects like still life, portraiture, or landscape, in specific media such as oil, watercolor, or acrylic, The DK Art school series offers something for everyone, and builds into a unique collection of practical art books.

An Introduction to Ritual Magic
In short, in this unique collaboration of two magical practitioners and teachers we are presented with a valuable and up-to-date text on the practice of ritual magic "as it is". That is to say, as a practical, spiritual, and psychic discipline, far from the lurid superstition and speculation that are the hallmark of its treatment in sensational journalism.

How To Make Your Own Vector Portraits (Photoshop Tutorial)
Step by Step Tutorial - Every artist have their own style of creating a vector portrait ranging from ultra-realistic to very cartoony. What you’ll learn in this Tutorial is my style of making one and hopefully you can come up with our style after learning the basics of vector art. Let’s begin.

Prime Obsession
For centuries, the Prime have been battling their brutal enemies, the Antareans. Facing extinction as they struggle against escalating Antarean attacks, the proud warrior race begins the process of uniting with the Galactic Alliance to ensure their future.
Captain Wulf Caradoc, as the heir of the Prime leader, is expected to assist with negotiations on behalf of his people. The secret, secondary part of his agenda is to look for his gemate, the genetically ideal mate that will be bonded to him mentally, physically and emotionally until the end of his days. The ambassadorial team he is assigned to escort is attacked by space pirates hired by Prime malcontents. Despite their skillful defense tactics, Wulf, his crew, and their charges are in danger until Alliance forces can reach them.
Captain Melina Dmitros is a top-notch Galactic Alliance officer who's paid her dues. After receiving a distress message from the Prime ambassador party, she steps in to aid them. When she finally meets the future Prime leader face-to-face, she is ambushed by the biological force of the Prime mating urge. She is his gemate, his fated match and a Lost One. Her body will not allow her to survive without him, regardless of how she feels. Wulf is willing to do whatever it takes to claim and protect his mate so that they may persevere against their enemies.
The action kicks up a dust storm in chapter one of Prime Obsession that never settles! I was convinced that Captain Dmitros was a first-rate adrenaline junkie from all the non-stop battles. I rarely encounter a novel with multiple action scenes per interval. Melina takes on bad guys, dodges hits, sniffs out/repairs sabotages, and keeps time with her man. It's all in a day's work for a woman that knows her way around the Prime as well as the Galactic Alliance. Wulf is growls and nibbles when it comes to his mate, although he's more than earned his formidable Prime warrior and sex machine title. However, Melina is always center stage and in the thick of it all. I started to feel that she was beginning to upstage her man. Ok, ok. Admittedly, I do prefer strong, accomplished female antagonists. Still, Melina proved a bit overwhelming at times.

Run for Your Life
I became a fan of the movies made from James Patterson's books long before I became fan of his actual writing. I stayed away mostly because of the negative reviews and well, the movies were so good. Three years ago, if memory serves, a friend talked me into getting one of his books. Since then, I haven't looked back. I've mostly read his standalones. The Mike Bennett series consists of this one and the first book, STEP ON A CRACK. If you haven't yet, start with the first.
In RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, Bennett, a recent widow struggles to raise his ten adopted children with the help of Seamus, his grandfather, and the young and pretty Mary Catherine, who we met in the first book. One by one, the kids are coming down with the flu. All the while, he's still dealing with the loss of his beloved wife, Maeve.
A new killer is on the loose who calls himself the Teacher. He's a chameleon of sorts as he changes his looks between each of his killings. His targets seem to be people who are rude, but he has a much more sinister agenda that doesn't become clear until towards the end. Until then, his killings were a bit random until the Teacher and Bennett meet on the phone. That's when the killings turn personal. Bennett soon finds himself the next target of a madman.
Like most of the Patterson books, I prefer the audio format. If you are into audio books, this was probably one of the best. Dallas Roberts makes a chilling voice of a killer and Bobby Cannavale captures the essence of Mike Bennett perfectly. The transition between cop and killer is so smooth. I absolutely loved the combination.

Night Call
I enjoyed this book. My attentions were a bit split between the compelling new story of Tris and Jett and the dance they do to find belonging with one another, and the continuation of the joining of Honor and Quinn from "Fated Love" (with also a brief interlude in a story in "In Deep Waters 2" where we hear about Honor going into labor; we are also introduced to Tris in "In Deep Waters 2"). I love continuation. One of my favorite things is seeing what comes next, how couples who seem so right for each other actually work to carry out their lives together. How they really fit. Or how new experiences shape thier actions and reactions in the future. And the family life Honor and Quinn have created is precious, and a joy to behold.
But the center of the book for me was Tris and Jett. The medical back-drop Radclyffe creates is as colorful as always, providing for angst and drama and triumph and a catalyst to relationships between people in a life and death world. Jett has recently returned from flying helicopters in the Army, and it's striking the similarities between that world, and the world she and Tris inhabit while on night call.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
I'd like to preface this review with something interesting about the Amazon reviews for this book. Many 1-star reviewers accused the 5-star reviewers of being "plants." Especially the ones who hadn't reviewed a book before on Amazon. How do they know that the person wasn't just so moved by the book they made their first Amazon review? We all had that first book we reviewed at one point or another. And extreme feelings about a book, either extreme love or extreme hate, tend to motivate one to share that view with the world.
What I found amazing was, most of the 1-star reviews were reviews of positive reviews, not the book, even though they claimed to be reviews of the book. With all that was taken out of context and twisted, it was clear that most of the 1-star reviewers either didn't read the book or don't have sufficient reading comprehension to be a critic of anything. I find this unfortunate since many negative-minded people read these reviews and respond with things like: "This was what I suspected, glad I didn't waste my money." I'm not sure what exactly the threat is in exploring new ideas whether you agree with them or not, at least allow your mind the opportunity to choose.
This book is not about being lazy. It's not a get-rich quick scheme. It's not about being dishonest or unethical. It became very clear that some people really truly believe that working few hours on work you hate to free up time for more productive and meaningful life activities is somehow "immoral." I guess the Puritanical mentality this country started out with (earliest settlers here) has seeped deeper into our overall culture than we once imagined.

Workbench Special: Quick & Easy Home Storage Projects
Quick & Easy Home Storage
Organize your home like never before with easy-to-build project plans. Softcover book features 16 simple, low-cost projects designed by the editors of Workbench magazine.

365 Ways to Raise Confident Kids
Inspiring and insightful, 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids will help you accomplish what all parents want: to raise bright, caring, honest, respectful and creative children. In this important book, you will find a concrete, activity-based guide for nurturing and building life skills in your children that will enrich them and your entire family. Illustrated by children.

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