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Book Titles & Summaries

Get Anyone to Do Anything: Never Feel Powerless Again - With Psychological Secrets to Control and Influence Every Situation
Confident and persuasive, Bryce's voice is perfect for this audiobook about influencing others to do as you wish (by the author of the bestselling Never Be Lied to Again). Bryce frequently varies the inflections in his voice, resulting in an expressive reading that's pleasing to the ear. There's no padding on this lean audio: after the briefest of introductions, it cuts to the chase, presenting simple, concise techniques. Although the title is an overstatement, Lieberman does offer useful strategies rooted in basic human psychology and supported by numerous studies. For example, a person tends to like you more after he or she does you a favor, not the other way around. (Subconsciously, he assumes that he must like you, since he helped you.) Another tip: to get someone to find you attractive, set the first date in an environment of heightened physical arousal, like an amusement park. The person will interpret his or her adrenaline rush and rapid heartbeat as sexual desire for whomever he or she is with

Magical Tactics
Magical Tactics - Essential Skills Every Man Must Have To Be Successful With Women...

How to Have a XXX Sex Life The Ultimate Vivid Guide
Jenna, Briana, Mercedez, Dasha, Kira, Savanna, Tawny, and Sunrise  The most glamorous namesin adult entertainment show you how tomake love like a star!
Who is better qualified to share their sexual secrets than people who spend every day perfecting their lovemaking techniques? Drawing from their extensive experience both on camera and off, the wildly popular and incredibly hot Vivid Girls -- along with male star Bobby Vitale and the legendary adult filmmakers Paul Thomas, Justin Sterling, and Chi Chi LaRue -- give you the inside scoop on what's hot and what's not. In addition to their own personal favorites and some steamy fantasies pulled from Vivid's most popular productions, the Vivid Girls provide hundreds of provocative sex tips for at-home amateurs who are ready for "Action," and who want their sexual experiences to be picture-perfect. Go behind the scenes -- and step into a world where sex can be as free, fun, and unencumbered as it appears in movies.
Many of the techniques used by actors and directors can also be applied in private, helping you to create exciting new sexual scenarios and incorporate the element of fantasy into your sex life. Whether you want to improve your oral sex skills, bring toys to bed, or simply try out a new position (or a dozen), the Vivid panel of experts is here to help make your erotic productions the award-winning creations they deserve to be. They begin with the basics of seduction and setting the scene. Then they move on to specific technical tips, such as the lowdown on lubes, toys for two, and preferred positions such as Reverse Cowgirl, Pile Driver, and Frog Princess. By the end of the book, you might be ready for more "advanced" techniques -- including multiple orgasms, multiple partners, anal sex, and more. Whatever you choose to use, or leave to the realm of fantasy, all of it is designed to help you and your partner have the most satisfying sex ever.
So take your sex life to a higher level -- to a place where inhibitions fall away and creativity and a sense of adventure flourish!

Concise Oxford Dictionary
The Oxford English Dictionary is the internationally recognized authority on the English Language, defining more than 500,000 words and tracing their usage through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of literary and other sources. The text on the CD-ROM comprises the full text of the OED 2nd Edition, plus the three Additions volumes, as well as 7,000 new entries from the OED's continuing research.
Most importantly, OED v4.0 on CD-ROM boasts superb search-and-retrieval software, designed specifically for the electronic version, enabling you to investigate the Dictionary in ways not possible with the print edition. Questions which might have taken years of patient research can now be answered in seconds.
Existing functionality retained from earlier versions includes:
    * Installation to the hard drive, so the CD is not required during use of the Dictionary
    * Options to customize the entry display and show or hide pronunciations, spellings, etymology, and quotation text
    * Flexible full text search options, with search filters and an option to rank entries and search results alphabetically or by date
New to this version:
    * Now available to Mac users
    * Flash-base
    * Smoother and faster performance providing instantaneous search results
    * New word-wheel which supports incremental letter-by-letter browsing
    * 7,000 new words and meanings

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Volleys and Net Game Video (tutorials, how-to, etc.)
The weakest part of many players game is their volleys or net game. This weakness comes from fear of coming to the net and taking the ball while it is still in the air. Unless you can correct this weakness and develop a strong volley game you will never be a complete player that has all the weapons to be a consistent winner in match competition.
With the help of this outstanding instructional DVD Tennis Pro James Jensen will give you the confidence and correct techniques for quickly developing an unbeatable net game.
Techniques covered include proper grip, footwork and racquet position, understanding volley form, how to volley low balls at your feet, medium height and high volleys, ways to angle your volley shots for winners, volleying mid court and at the net, ways to set up your volleys, how to come off your serve to a strong volley position, volley drills designed to build confidence and accuracy, how to hit overhead winners, plus much, much more.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
An article about sexual harassment. An essential guide to making the right moves and understanding the law.

Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System
"Since I'm not shy, I had some doubts about whether the book would be helpful, because the title implied it was geared towards shy people.
Actually the book helps one develop charisma and the personality type that attracts women as well as friends. "Attitude" entails more than self confidence, he shows you how to be the kind of person who people enjoy being with.
The book is very honest. The author doesn't brag but admits his failures and how he dealt with them.
The book is huge and has a lot of information and detail.
Since I went to an all-boys high school I did not get a chance to learn dating skills and how to deal with the opposite sex, so I found the book especially useful in improving my social skills.
I've read the book twice already because there is so much in it, that I missed a few things the first time.
Thank you Mike Pilinski!"

Tricks Of The Mind
If you've seen Derren Brown in action and it fascinates you as it does me, then this is the book for you, it gives you the principles and techniques to put into practice yourself, and be able to do some of the things he does on the show, from magic tricks to insane memory recollection, and much more, then Derren ends the book with his views on various topics out there, such as the paranormal, religion and so on, this really is a great book, its great to see such a performer share the tricks of his trade for once, thanks Derren!!.

The Way of the Superior Man
Way of the Superior Man" is my first recommendation to every male student who comes to me for guidance in spiritual relationships. Men are relieved to find that their feelings are normal and natural. The book helps men to find and reclaim their power in relationships in a compassionate and honoring way. My students come back telling me that this is the best book they've read in a long time.
The chapters are short enough to read in the bathroom if you aren't inclined to read very much. Deida doesn't pull any punches. He is direct, masculine and to-the-point in his caring presentation of his material.
Chapters on "Stop Hoping for Your Woman to Get Easier" and "Her Complaint Is Content-Free" certainly give information that I find brilliant and true as a woman. Men tell me that they have solved a large percentage of their relationship problems by following Deida's ideas and guidelines.

The Ultimate Texting Guide
As we all know texting has become the #1 growing form of communication. Tyler Tray, a top dating guru in the industry, has adapted to this cultural turn and creating one the most increadible ebooks available to men. No need to ever worry about what to text women again. This ebook is packed with an incredible amount of eye opening text messages garuarnteed to increase your success with women. I personally read the ebook and I'm blown away with tyler's knowledge and how much it increased my success with women. It's a must read!

Erotic Massage
This was very good - good shaded line drawings that captured just enough for us visually-oriented folks, and a nice rhythm of the words for those who can understand better by reading. I was reassured by the precise instructions, and there were plenty of tips and tricks and warnings to make me feel confident that we would get through the book successfully.
My wife is going over it now, and has highlighted some parts that she wants us to try - it is a very good way to break the ice, without having to be explicit and ask "would you wanna try this".
Note - it is full of drawings, not pictures, which is in some ways nicer, because some of the techniques are pretty intimate, but if you wanted pictures, you'll need something else.

October Man Sequence
The October Man Sequence was originated by a veteran in the seduction community who went by the pseudonym IN10SE. He was portrayed as one of the key players in Neil Strauss' book (where he was known as Twotimer). IN10SE was also a student of Speed Seduction guru Ross Jeffries and a peer of Swinggcat (the writer of Real World Seduction).
IN10SE had based the technique on Milton Erickson's February Man book (he had renamed it the 'October Man' because his birthday was in October). The sequence was designed around hypnosis and NLP concepts such as framing, focus, intention and fractionation.
The basic premise of the October Man is symbolism. The concept of symbolism in hypnosis is the idea of turning a particular feeling in a person into a symbol which is then manipulated. The symbol is anchored towards another person (the hypnotist) and this is further used in order to invoke certain feelings (pleasure or pain) in the person.

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed
People have been mating for millions of years without these kind of things and many great ladie's men have been enjoying their success without doing these kind of advices, actually by being more direct and persistent. The truth is that there's really no method, only what works for specific guys in specific places and time, with specific types of girls (actually it is called Mystery's for a reason). Obviously any shy and unskilled guy will become good at meeting women by going out a lot and becoming more social, it is no secret! Flirting is no rocket science, but if you still want to enjoy the 'game' as they call it, and want to explore the method for yourself, read the book and try it for yourself.
Just please don't become one of these guys who have spent thousand dollars on workshops, seminars, books and tapes and still don't get laid because they think they still need the 'ultimate secret formula'. There's none. The problem I see in mystery method is that the author has tried to make all this mating thing as a science and people get lost in the process instead of enjoying a normal interaction with the opposite sex ("Give me more routines. I need a new 'opener'. I still need to 'practice' my negs" etc. etc).

The Charismatic Lover: Journey, Wisdom and Meeting Women on Facebook
Make women fall in love with you naturally. Live Life Awesomely. Be The Charismatic Lover! If you look at today’s popular dating literature you will generally find that men are put into two categories the luckless losers and the soulless players. Neither seem to truly satisfy the deep needs and desires of modern women. However, imagine if you could take the attractive qualities of a player and infuse them with a sense of passion, honesty and integrity? You would most likely become a Charismatic Lover. In this book Adam Taste not only describes the personality traits that naturally attract women effortlessly, but also explores the very essence of what being a Charismatic Lover is all about and why it is so captivating to women. Inside you will also learn forbidden secrets of attraction from rockstars, dating gurus and the world’s greatest seducers. Furthermore, Adam Taste also tells his very own fascinating personal story about how he transformed from a shy nerd into a Charismatic Lover who is surrounded by an abundance of beautiful high quality women.

Secrets of Seduction
What do women really think when you approach them?
Do women REALLY want sex as much as men do? (And if they do, why don't they act like it?)
Why do women always go places in groups - even to the bathroom?
What exactly are women attracted to in a guy? (Hint: It's NOT always his looks!)
How can you get a hot girl interested in you even when she has tons of better looking guys around her?
How do girls prefer guys ask them out on dates?
Just how far are women willing to go sexually?
What are the simple things guys do that get women incredibly aroused?
What are the secrets to keeping relationships strong and healthy?

The Nine Ball
If you haven’t heard, Jeff Allen AKA “Jeffy” of Real Social Dynamics has recently released a new hardcover book documenting his 15 year journey from an angst-ridden maniac to a nihilistic sexually depraved hero.

Life, Death and Other Card Tricks
If you think card tricks are boring, Robert Neale's approach will show you how to put entertainment, emotion, and meaning into your card magic. More than sixty tricks and routines. He borrows from jokes, urban legends, world literature, gambling, religion, movies, and current events and uses the cards as actors to bring these mysteries alive. You've never read a book on card magic like this before.

Men's Health Total Body Workout
This book delivers what it promises: A Collection of total Body Workouts.
The fact that every workout great and practical, you just select the workout you want to try, and you are done to begin training. I really love the functionality of having the whole workout in just one page.
Its a fantastic idea for a training book, well executed, and with the total body workouts included I believe its a great deal.

Alice I Have Been
This was a wonderful, poignant, heart-breaking book that will surely mean something to anyone who read Lewis Carroll's works in their youth. The "real" story, largely documented, of Alice Pleasance Liddell Hargreaves unfolds in a first-person perspective, targeting three significant moments in her long life--her childhood encounters with C.L. Dodgson (Carroll) at ages 7 to 11, her young adulthood and ill-fated royal romance, and her later years of great strength and personal tragedy during and after World War I. While the decades-long narrative jumps may seem jarring at first, Benjamin provides plenty of flashbacks to flesh out the narrative. This approach provides the reader with plenty of tantalizing mini-mysteries that are resolved as the story moves forward, piece by piece.
And what emerges is a beautiful, tragic portrait of a literary inspiration and her enigmatic creator. Dodgson, so often judged by modern moral standards, comes across quite well in this novel, and I was very pleased to see that, by focusing solely on Alice's recollections, he remains shrouded in mystery, at least until a partial revelation in the novel's final pages. Naturally, of course, a large portion of the novel is devoted to the genuine question of his feelings towards Alice, made even more difficult to interpret today thanks to missing pages in Dodgson's famous diary (though this is not mentioned in the novel). All in all, I greatly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it.

Close-Up Illusions
This far reaching and influential work contains many magical masterpieces including Gary’s Touch Force, his Paradise Counts, his remarkable work on the Kosky change, some unbelievable coin concepts, as well as many essays on the real work.
No one who loves close up magic should be without this classic book, now in its third printing. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photos, this book raised the bar on what a good magic book should be.
From easy to master gems to more advanced sleights and routines, Close Up Illusions was quietly introduced in the early 80’s and went on to become a cherished collector’s reference work. Now Gary Ouellet’s genius is once again available to the magic fraternity.

Double Your Dating, 2nd Edition
What every man should know about how to be successful with women.

Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss
While I agree with several of the other reviewers that say that Chris Aceto needs a better English editor (he seems to have the common problem with homonyms that many people do, your vs you're), the content of the book far outweighs any annoying English errors.
This book is not for the person who yoyo diets. This book is not for a person who eats up every weight-loss trend out there. This book contains very valuable and scientific information as to the hormonal background behind people who eat "healthy" but still have problems losing weight.
If you've read South Beach, The Zone, Atkins, Look Great Naked, and basically "eat clean", but still have problems this book might have some answers for you. I would reccommend this book, as well as Body for Life/Eating for Life.

He was a runaway kid. She was 16 and wise as Eve. They were caught in a cheap and gaudy world they never made.

Cards As Weapons
This book has changed my life. I took Ricky Jay's advice by putting "a deck of cards in [my] pocket, and a feeling of confidence in [my] life." When I first found this book, I thought for sure it was a joke. But after flipping through it and seeing pictures on how to grip the cards, as well as chapters on how to practice and stay fit, I knew it was the real deal. Sure, it's somewhat of a satire, actually killing someone, or large game animals, with a playing card is nearly impossible, but the book really teaches you an incredible skill that can be used to impress your friends. Ricky has a way with words, and his unique sense of humor kept me laughing throughout. I recommend this book to anyone who can read. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jay for writing this book, without which I would have never achieved my MTV fame. Thanks Ricky!

Building-Muscle101: Weight Training Guide
Tips and tricks for body builders.

Best Places for First Dates
An article that can gives you some tips about dating.

Anxiety & Depression Workbook For Dummies
This book is amazing! I would recommend this book to anyone. It is very inclusive and really makes you look at all aspect of your anxiety and depression and their root cause. By analyzing your feelings, thoughts, and history you start a self-awareness process that allows for recovery.
I have personally dealt with anxiety my entire life- 23 years. In that time I have concentrated on "fixing" it for the last 8. I have seen counselors, medications, psychiatrist, and read many self help books. This book is the first that actually has helped considerably. I can not stress enough that it really makes you take a look at yourself, which is where the healing lies. If you are unwilling, or unable to take a hard look at the truth, and get real with yourself- nothing is going to work for you!
I contacted the authors- and they returned my e-mail same day! You don't see that very often, these people know what they are doing, and exactly how to do it! Thank you.

So what exactly is acupressure? Well, its an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press on key points on the surface of the skin- which in turn stimulates the body's natural self-curing abilities. More specifically, when these points are pressed on for several minutes, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body's life force to aid healing. If at this point you're wondering how acupressure differs from ACUPUNCTURE, well, there's not much difference- the same points are used for both, its's just that one uses needles and the other uses your fingers.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment
Seriously, I know he's a comic and everything, but he's got some good advice in this book. And it's not hard to read, either. He has a lot humor that makes this book so enjoyable to read. I liked it so much, I hope he has a followup. I'd recommend it, definetly, along with How To Be Wanted: Use the Law of Attraction to Date the Man You Most Desire and Live the Life You Deserve.

Alternative Energy For Dummies
Get the truth about alternative energy and make it part of your life
Want to utilize cleaner, greener types of energy? This plain-English guide clearly explains the popular forms of alternative energy that you can use in your home, your car, and more. Separating myth from fact, this resource explores the current fossil fuel conundrum, the benefits of alternatives, and the energy of the future, such as hydrogen and fuel cell technology.
•The ABCs of alternative energy — what it is, how it works, and what the real costs are
•Where we are now — learn where our current energy comes from and how much longer it will last
•Take the first step — see how energy efficiency and conservation can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels
•Grasp the alternatives — from nuclear power to geothermal energy to wood burning, understand the benefits that alternative energy can have on the nation
•Apply alternative fuels to transportation — from biofuels to exotic propulsion to electricity, see how they are best used and how hybrid, all-electric, and fuel cell–powered vehicles work
•Get a peek into the future — see what the outlook holds for each form of alternative energy discussed
Open the book and find:
•The pros and cons of alternative energy
•A review of the current world energy economy
•The problems with fossil fuels, from smog to global warming
•Advantages of alternative energy
•Practical results of alternatives you can use in daily life
•Guidelines for investing in alternative energy vehicles
•Ten ways you can bring about change right now
•Insight into the future of energy production — and how you can invest in it

The Religion
Suspend just a bit of disbelief about the "over the top" hero and villain, sexual exploits in a hot tub in the midst of a horrific siege, maybe a few other things, but relax and enjoy a long and gripping narrative about one of the more interesting military episodes of the 16th century. The heroic defense of Malta by the Knights of Saint John deserves an epic retelling and Tim Willocks is up to the job. Take it to the beach or onto the plane, anywhere you can lose yourself for hours. Highly recommended for those who enjoy top-grade action-packed historical fiction think Flashman or Aubrey & Maturin.

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal
All of his books follow the same formula: A young, brilliant man suddenly finds fortune and girls by using his skills to make money in interesting ways. Usually he has a mentor. His success causes some friction with his friends, but he eventually wins out, albeit at a price. This formula is so rigid one wonders if Mezrich begins his books with a Word Template... Chapter Five - Hero realizes the idea will make lots of money...

Shadow of Power
Shadow of Power would be thought of by Hollywood as National Treasure meets Perry Mason. A murder is committed and, lurking in the background, is the possibility that a hitherto-unknown document, written by one of the founding fathers, is the cause of that murder. Paul Madriani defends the accused killer and needs to find the document in order to clear him.
The real national treasure is Steve Martini. This is, by far, his best book, and I have been with him since The Simeon Chamber. His sentence-by-sentence writing is now smooth and effective and he is the absolute master of courtroom drama, courtroom technique, courtroom chess matches and courtroom procedure. Shadow of Power has a jackhammer plot, interesting characters, and a fascinating set of related mysteries, all of which are nicely resolved. I disagree with those who find the novel implausible. The novel's subtext is the hyper-partisan nature of contemporary politics and the manner in which it is fed by demagogues and opportunistic media. The world of the novel is immediately recognizable.
Despite its length this is a very fast read. In fact, it's exhibit A for unputdownableness. It is the perfect model of a bestseller--a fabulous summer read that is filled with legal facts, tantalizing mysteries, and a touch of the old ultra-violence. Highly recommended.

Remember was a GREAT book! It is one of those books that you can read over and over again Filled with excitement, suspense (and a litttle romance) Remember narrates the story of Nicky Wells, a war correspondent and reporter. Three years before, her fiance, Charles Devereaux, "commited suicide" and she is still very emotionally scarred. However, after a friendship with Cleeland Dovonan, a fellow war photagrapher, develops into more than just a friendship, Nicky wonders if she might be able to love someone again. Suddenly, she is forced to remember Charles when she develops disturbing suspciions about his double life. There are some things that you just can't forget, as hinted at in a poem at the beginning of the book by Christina Rossetti: "Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land, When you can no more hold me by the hand, Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay. Remember me when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you planned: Only remember me; you understand It will be too late to counsel then or pray. Yet if you should forget me for a while And afterwards remember, do not grieve; For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestige of the thoughts that once I had, Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad."

Angle of Repose
This long, thoughtful novel about a retired historian who researches and writes about his pioneer grandparents garnered Stegner a Pulitzer Prize.

The Belly of the Bow
This was not a great book, and I'd rather give it about 3 1/2 stars, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and rounded up. The thing about this book is that it's not like most fantasy novels, where the fate of the world is at stake against unspeakable evil. The best way I can think of describing this book is that it's not too serious. It reads more like the author is just having fun and taking some shots at different types of people, similar to a book like Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. There is a war in the background, but it is really incidental to the story. It's really a book about people and how they relate to each other. But like I said, it's not very serious, so you don't really get caught up in worrying if they're going to win or to survive because it doesn't seem to matter that much. Unfortunately, the lack of seriousness makes it hard to be affected by the tragic moments because you can't just switch moods like that.

Davin's Quest
Davin is the Chief Engineer on Earth after the Alvian invasion. He is unlike the other Alvians because he can feel emotions. If Davin doesn't find his Resonance Mate soon, his emotions will drive him mad. Could one of the Earth women be his mate? Will he find out before it is too late?
Callie O'Hara is one of the survivors of the Alvian invasion. She, like most of the survivors, has a special gift. Will Callie's empathic gifts be enough to help her choose a mate? Will she need to choose?
Rick St. John is a survivor who has lost everything, but his will to go on. Could Callie be his light in the dark?
Can the three save each other and Earth as well?
Davin's Quest is an intense and raw read. Emotion makes up a big part of Davin's Quest and Bianca D'Arc manages to pull that emotion out of a race with none. Ms. D'Arc made her characters come alive for me. I could feel Davin's intense need for emotion in his life. When he first met Callie, I could feel his hope. Callie is the backbone and heart of the story. She gave me hope that all was not lost with the world. I could feel the struggles that Rick had to go through and my heart went out to him. These three characters were wonderfully written by Ms. D'Arc and I'm glad there are more books to come. Davin's Quest is the second book in the Resonance Mates series, but it can be read as a stand alone. I know that I want to go back and take a look at the first book that brought about Davin's Quest!

Hara's Legacy
A few special humans are endowed with paranormal abilities, and it is Caleb O'Hara's gift of precognition that saves his family from certain death when the aliens attack Earth, nearly obliterating the human race. Having moved his brothers and wife to a remote cabin, they make a new home for themselves.
But the lack of female companionship sees Caleb's brothers growing restless and frustrated, and Caleb knows that life as they know it must change if the family is to stay together - something that must happen if they are to live through the next challenge from the Alvian invaders.
He knows his two brothers love Jane as much as he does. But to keep the family together, he must convince them of the new path his visions have dictated they must take in order to survive, no matter their reluctance. To coexist with the coldly clinical Alvian race, the human race must learn to adapt drastically to their changed world, and the O'Haras will lead the way.
It is hard to believe that popular author Bianca D'Arc was first published only 16 months ago! With thirteen published books under her belt that encompass six separate series, she has quickly moved up the ranks of many fans' must-buy lists, and with very good reason. Not only has Ms. D'Arc proved to be a prolific writer, but she spins yarns of the supernatural, futuristic, and fantasy with such realism that you find yourself completely immersed in her worlds, with no desire to leave.

I wish i could rate this book even higher than 5 Stars. The ending is superb. It couldn't have been better. This series and I have had a time together. I got kinda bummed out with book two and starting book three was tough. I had thoughts of not even finishing it. But I'm so glad I did. This trilogy shot from the bottom of my favorite series to the top...just under King's Dark Tower Series. If you've read and liked books one and two, you will not be disappointed at all with book three. It was worth my time and money. I recommend this series to anyone wanting an intriguing, indepth read.

Thirteen Reasons Why
In my 33 years of being a librarian, I've rarely experienced the buzz and excitement that this book has generated, Harry Potter notwithstanding! I picked up several autographed copies of it last night, in anticipation of the author's visit to our school and to a local bookstore today. I thought I'd skim it to get an idea of its contents...well, there's no way to put it down. I tried. More than once. Jay Asher has the remarkable ability to write from both the female and male points of view. Thirteen Reasons Why grabs the reader instantly it's well-written, it's perceptive, it has elements of a psychological, Hitchcockian(?)mystery/thriller. The reader is left to ponder the power of words, rumors, and innuendo; adults will be reminded of their teen years (and people they'll never forget) and teen readers, too, will identify with one or more characters. I won't recount the storyline, since the professional reviewers' synopsis will suffice. I will emphasize that this is a MUST READ, no matter what your age! Just start reading it at a reasonable hour, because putting it down isn't an option!

How far would you go to obtain knowledge of the parents you never knew?
Alex Rider has decided he'll go on his most dangerous mission for a chance at information. Once the Australian Secret Intelligence Service tells him his godfather will lead the mission, Alex doesn't hesitate. Unfortunately, there could be a mole on the inside.
Alex and Ash travel undercover as illegal immigrants trying to find a better life in Australia. What Alex doesn't realize is that the leader of the Snakehead organization also works on the executive board of Scorpia. Major Yu knows exactly where Alex is and what he's doing. He's got several plans in motion to make Alex's life miserable...and then nonexistent.
Anthony Horowitz delivers another action-packed adventure in the ALEX RIDER series that will leave readers breathless and anticipating the next installment of Alex's strange but exciting life.

Until It's Over
A group of young people are sharing a large house in London, each with a bedroom of his own and with a shared kitchen/living room. The house is owned by Miles and each of the tenants pays rent and does a certain amount of cleaning and tidying. There's a mixture of personalities sharing this space, both professional and non professional with one of them even working as a bicycle courier. Some tensions DO exist as there is a certain amount of bed hopping but everything proceeds smoothly until the first major incident when the courier is knocked from her bike and on the next day, the motorist who accidently knocked her over is found murdered. From that moment, serious events take place with two more murders, this time accompanied by the ritualistic slashing of the victim. It's a very good, exciting and fast read with lots of psychological twists and turns.

The Lake Shore Limited
In "The Lake Shore Limited", the story is told from the point of view of four main characters. First we have Billy who is a playwright originally from Chicago. There is Leslie, the much older sister of Gus who is the man Billy lived with in Boston and Sam, who is a friend and neighbor of Leslie's. Finally, we have Rafe, the man playing the lead role in the play Billy has written about a man waiting to find out if his wife was on a train that was hit by a terrorist attack. All their stories become interwoven and the reader is allowed to come to know each one of them intimately and what their individual hurts and wounds are.
A beautifully written character study of mature adults (as it relates to age) who are reflecting back upon their lives and revisiting their life paths. How did they end up in the relationships they are in? What do they wish they had done differently over the years? What do they want from this point on? This is not an action-packed or quick, easy novel but one that should be savored along the way. For the older reader who has the perspective of time, this will definitely strike a chord. While sometimes these types of books can feel like navel-gazing, this one manages to be introspective without wallowing. It's more of an honest reflection of what is good and bad without much filter.

Prince of Thieves
A couple of years ago I picked up Hogan's debut-novel The Standoff and put is away after 150 pages because it was just plain boring and unbelievable. After that I tried again with The Blood Artists because of its interesting premise, but this time I also lost interest very quickly and decided that Hogan just wasn't it for me. But two weeks ago I found myself at Logan Airport in Boston when Prince of Thieves had just hit the stands. Because of its interesting storyline, the glowing reviews by King, Deaver and McBain and especially the fact that the story took place in Boston (which I had just visited) I bought the book on a whim and never regretted it!
Prince of Thieves is not your typical action thriller but a wonderful psychological profile of some very disturbed young men. It describes wonderfully how the protagonist tries to get out of a criminal life because of the love for a woman (that he met during his last criminal caper). The internal struggle he goes through is very believable and presents a wonderful perspective on human nature.
All in all, a very satisfying story that rises far above the numerous summer beach thrillers. I have no doubt that the story of Doug and his friends will stay with me for a long time (and that's a compliment coming from someone who reads app. 100 books a year). Wonderful book, Chuck, and I will definitely keep my eye open for your next one!!!

Make Me Remember
Hannah Bryant has always been different. Since she was a child, she’s had vivid dreams of death and loss. Years later, Hannah is a successful doctor who’s gotten past the terrors that used to plague her. In a flash, everything she has worked so hard for is in danger when the dreams return with a vengeance.
But the dreams haunting Hannah’s sleep now are nothing like the ones from her childhood. No longer does she dream of death and destruction now her dreams are of a man who elicits a reaction from Hannah’s body that’s strangely familiar and startlingly brand new at the same time.

The Best Is Yet to Come
First off all I saw this book at my local "Target" store and instantly picked it up because Diana Palmer wrote it. I read the synopsis on the back of the book and threw the book in my cart. When I got home and started reading the book I realized it had a story by another author with Diana Palmer's story! I was mad!! I get angry because she keeps releasing these short stories, which granted are good stories but the length of the book deceived me! The overall story was pretty good, not exceptional, but a good short read. I believe it was less than 200 pages long. I read it one day! So, just be careful if you come across this book and don't be deceived into thinking this is a long thought-out story because nowhere on the cover of my book does it say there is another story by another author jointed with this book.

Before the Frost
This is a terrifying thriller, written by Henning Mankell, a Swedish mystery writer. The book is the first featuring Linda Wallander, his main character's daughter, as a police officer, and I hope he plans on writing more. The author asks at the beginning, what if one man had survived the Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978, and proceeds to follow that man. The plot is exciting and escalates fast into frightening, with ritual murder and sacrifice, disappearances of Linda's two best friends. Underneath, and effectively communicated, is the theme that religion can be a force for either good or evil, and it is a most powerful tool for manipulating people. This is evident all the time in the news, when countries go to war or terrorists commit mass murder, it's always "God is on our side," and who can argue with that? Religious fervor in the wrong hands can result in the worst atrocities. The book finishes on Linda's first official day of work, Sept. 11, 2001. I highly recommend this book, it's one of the best I've read this year.

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