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Book Titles & Summaries

Woodturning Techniques
A beautifully illustrated and practical guide to woodturning for hobbyists and professional craftspeople, this comprehensive sourcebook describes the best materials, equipment, and machinery for successful woodturning; the correct way to store tools and timber; the rules of workshop safety; and the importance of proper sanding and finishing. Attractive and detailed photography and step-by-step instructions break down complex techniques into a logical progression of tasks and also accompany such projects as a bowl, a box, a goblet, a lamp, and a decorative wooden mushroom.

Drawing Techniques for Product Designers
Sketching is an incredibly broad and practical survey of sketching techniques for product designers. It goes without saying that the book is suited for the classroom, but every design studio will also find this manual an asset, because in spite of the ascendancy of the computer, hand-drawn sketches are still a very much used.

The Good Cookie: Over 250 Delicious Recipes from Simple to Sublime
Wonderful for their easy appeal and magical for the childhood memories they evoke, cookies are the dessert no one ever outgrows. And with The Good Cookie, everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of delicious homemade cookies at their best. This rich anthology brings together recipes, techniques, tips, and priceless baking advice for more than 250 of the most scrumptious creations ever to emerge from the world of classic cookies–culinary gems destined to inspire every baker and garner raves from cookie connoisseurs.
Trained pastry chef and writer Tish Boyle has designed recipes to indulge every cookie lover’s taste and craving–from timeless Colossal Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies, and other standbys to wholesome favorites such as Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and stylish originals such as Triple–Ginger Pecan Biscotti. She helps you quickly master the methods and artistry for every sort of cookie imaginable–drop, rolled, bar, hand–formed, piped, and refrigerator cookies, filled and sandwich cookies, decorator cookies, and specialty savory cookies and crackers–with the help of kitchen–tested advice and invaluable tips throughout the book.
The "Equipment," "Ingredients," and "Techniques, Tips, and Troubleshooting" chapters explain exactly what to do in the kitchen, when to do it, and why. Solutions to common baking problems (What to do with dry or crumbly dough? Or tough, hard cookies?) help ensure an error–proof batch every time. Whether you need to bake something in a hurry, are in the mood for something utterly decadent, or are just looking for a fun activity to do with the kids, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in the "Cookies for Every Occasion" section at the back of the book.
With its all–star assortment of international favorite recipes plus its wealth of hard–won baking advice, The Good Cookie is the best friend any baker can have. With The Good Cookie, you’ll make every day an occasion to celebrate, and each "little cake" a little masterpiece from the heart.

New Masters of Woodturning: Expanding the Boundaries of Wood Art
In this unique collection of contemporary art that has redefined the limits of shaped wood, crafters and designers alike are treated to a wealth of knowledge from 31 leading wood artists who share their personal motivations, thought processes, and the studio techniques employed to bring out the breath-taking beauty of wood. Contemporary artists such as Virginia Dodson, Binh Pho, Harvey Fein, Paul Fennell, and Marilyn Campbell are among those whose works are given studio-quality photographic treatment. Each featured piece encourages crafters to find new ways of connecting with their own creative channels and makes this book an important document of the modern craft—sure to become a treasure in every woodworking library.

Advanced Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Digital Photographers
Once you have mastered the fundamentals, this easy-to-follow, advanced guide takes you to new levels of expertise. Advance your skills and artistry far beyond the basics with expert guidance from the top industry insider to achieve professional-level results. Find innovative ways to exploit the new features of Elements 5.0 to achieve outstanding digital images. You learn how to stretch your digital photos and Elements to their limits and master all the insider tricks, tips, and techniques that guarantee outstanding results.

Father Figure
South of Anchorage, accessible only from a mud-rutted road off Seward Highway, lies the town of Lodgepole. After midnight, among the blueberry bushes of White Birch Park, a man climbs on top of a woman and begins making love to her. As her orgasm rises he puts his hands around her throat, shutting off her air. She struggles, not to stop him, but to stop herself from trying instinctively to pull his hands off her throat. As the top joints of his thumb meet at the front of her throat she comes, her cry of orgasm ricocheting around inside her forever.

Fauna and Flora, Earth and Sky: Brushes with Nature's Wisdom
Colorado, to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, Trudy Dittmar weaves personal experience with diverse threads of subject matter to create unexpected connections between human nature and nature at large. Life stories, elegantly combined with mindful observations of animals, plants, landscape and the skies, theories in natural science, environmental considerations, and touches of art criticism and popular culture, offer insights into the linked analogies of nature and soul. A glacial pond teeming with salamanders in arrested development is cause for reflection on the limits of a life that knows only bounty. The hot blue lights of celestial phenomena are a metaphor for fast, flashy men—he loves of a life—and a romantic career is interpreted. Watching a pronghorn buck battling for, and ultimately losing, his harem leads to a meditation on a kind of immortality.

Invasion of the Scab Demons
2433 AD - An infection discovered deep within the core of a comet sets alarm bells ringing at the Palace of Amino. When the origin of the comet is discovered a terrifying plot is revealed. There is not much time.

Learn German
Dr. Paul Pimsleur devoted his life to language teaching and testing and was one of the world's leading experts in applied linguistics. After years of experience and research, Dr. Pimsleur developed The Pimsleur Method based on two key principles: the Principle of Anticipation and a scientific principle of memory training that he called ? Graduated Interval Recall.? This Method has been applied to the many levels and languages of the Pimsleur Programs.

Extraterrestrials: Where Are They?
Is it possible that extraterrestrial life forms exist within our Galaxy, the Milky Way? This book offers a critical analysis by leading experts in a range of sciences, of the plausibility that other intelligent lifeforms do exist. Exploration of the Solar System, and observations with telescopes that probe deep space, have come up empty handed in searches for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Many experts in the fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics are now arguing that the evidence points to the conclusion that technological civilisations are rare. After ten billion years, and among hundreds of billions of stars, we may well possess the most advanced brains in the Milky Way Galaxy. This second edition contains many new and updated aspects of extraterrestrial research, especially the biological viewpoint of the question.

Arabic (Eastern), Q&s: Learn to Speak and Understand Eastern Arabic with Pimsleur Language Programs
Q&S Eastern Arabic includes the first 8 lessons from the Pimsleur Comprehensive Level I. 4 hours, audio-only, effective language learning with real-life spoken practice sessions.

Fight For Your Money ( Audio book)
In an audiobook that will forever change how you spend your hard-earned money, America’s favorite financial coach, David Bach, shows you how to save thousands of dollars every year by taking on the “corporate machines.” In these times when every dollar counts, big businesses are using clever tricks to rip you off, making themselves billions while they keep you living paycheck to paycheck. In Fight for Your Money, Bach gives you the tools to FIGHT BACK and WIN.
Fight for Your Money shows how you are being taken on your cell phone contract, cable bill, car purchase, credit card, life insurance, healthcare, 401(k) plan, airfare, hotel bills, and much more. When you know how the system is rigged–the extra points, the hidden fees, the late charges, the unused tax breaks, the escalating rates–you can fight back against the pickpockets and save literally thousands every year.
David Bach knows that when you are being taken financially, you work harder than you have to, for longer than you need to. This audiobook helps you fight for your money so you can live your life doing what you really want to do.

The Nomads and the Mind Machine
The Nomads and the Mind Machine2421 AD - The kidnapping of two professors and the appearance of a hideously bloated whore leads bounty hunters to an insanely terrifying conclusion: an invasion by a brutal and furry extra-galactic civilisation is in progress.

Debbie Brown's Fairy Tale Cakes
Fully illustrated with step-by-step colour photographs, this book contains 25 projects for novelty cakes based on themes from fairy tales and nursery rhymes, ranging from the easy to the complicated, and includes instructions on basic cake making, cake construction and icing recipes and techniques.

Debbie Brown's Dream Wedding Cakes
If you would like to see the types of cakes included in this book, as there are no pictures here, I advise you to go to the author's websitein the UK, which can be found easily in the usual way. You will find a link to "books" with photos of each cake included in this book. Debbie is the best known novelty cake designer in the world, whose designs have inspired every professional cake maker, and her wedding cake book also includes mainly novelty designs so it is difficult to recommend the book to anyone without knowing whether you like this type of designs. Here, she is at her usual standard, but to be honest, I don't feel that I would personally want any of these cakes for my wedding but as an inspiration for other celebrations, it is a good book with very varied (all fondant) projects including a pastillage church, bride and groom models, hat shapes, boxes, mice, cars, aircraft, indian Buddha type figure, musical notes, doll cake, etc. With regards to instructions and layout, the book is nicely done and instructions very clear and detailed, and includes cake recipes and comprehensive equipment and ingredient lists. I must say that personally I am not crazy about Debbie's cake recipes, I have tried a few, but it's a question of taste, and no matter what, they are ok and work. As still fairly new to the craft, I like Debbie's designs because they are achievable and stretch you just the right amount to teach you a lot each time you complete one of her cakes. There is also always a good variety of techniques used and those are always transferable to other novelty cakes (e.g. birthday cakes in particular). One important point is that she does use a minimum of equipment rather than dozens of cutters and all sorts of icings. She tends to use fondant, a drop of royal icing here and there, and simple blossom cutters for flowers. I have done a course with Debbie this year (one from this book) and she is a nice lady with much talent and no ego and this is reflected in her books. We all managed a good result (see above)and I felt I learned so much in just one day.

Cakes for Men
this is a really great book, it explains how to make some unbelievable cakes, the designs can be adapted for women & kids also. There is one cake in there, that is a swimming pool with all these women around it with no tops on! it is really funny, I've made it several times, sometimes even the girls have their shirts on! really funny book with great ideas! def. a good buy for your library

Easy Cake Decorating Cookbook
This book is designed for those who admire beautifully decorated cakes consider the art too difficult to lean at home.

How to Build a Dinosaur: Extinction Doesn't Have to Be Forever
A world-renowned paleontologist takes readers all over the globe to reveal a new science that trumps science fiction: how humans can re-create a dinosaur.
In movies, in novels, in comic strips, and on television, we’ve all seen dinosaurs—or at least somebody’s educated guess of what they would look like. But what if it were possible to build, or grow, a real dinosaur, without finding ancient DNA? Jack Horner, the scientist who advised Steven Spielberg on Jurassic Park, and a pioneer in bringing paleontology into the twenty-first century, teams up with the editor of The New York Times,/I>’s Science Times section to reveal exactly what’s in store.
In the 1980s, Horner began using CAT scans to look inside fossilized dinosaur eggs, and he and his colleagues have been delving deeper ever since. At North Carolina State University, Mary Schweitzer has extracted fossil molecules—proteins that survived 68 million years—from a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil excavated by Horner. These proteins show that T. rex and the modern chicken are kissing cousins. At McGill University, Hans Larsson is manipulating a chicken embryo to awaken the dinosaur within: starting by growing a tail and eventually prompting it to grow the forelimbs of a dinosaur. All of this is happening without changing a single gene.
This incredible research is leading to discoveries and applications so profound they’re scary in the power they confer on humanity. How to Build a Dinosaur is a tour of the hot rocky deserts and air-conditioned laboratories at the forefront of this scientific revolution.

An introduction to different grain products and the part they play in a healthy diet.

The Ultimate Smoothie Book: 130 Delicious Recipes for Blender Drinks, Frozen Desserts, Shakes, and More!
130 Delicious Recipes for Blender Drinks, Frozen Desserts, Shakes, and More
When the original Ultimate Smoothie Book was first published, smoothies were sweeping the country and becoming the hottest item on the menu everywhere from Baskin-Robbins to Jamba Juice. And why not? They're creamy, fruity, delicious, quick and easy to make, and most important--they're good for you! Now, THE ULTIMATE SMOOTHIE BOOK has been updated by nutritionist Cherie Calbom, aka "The Juice Lady", to include lots of delicious new smoothie recipes, as well as vital new information on: Carbohydrate reduction, with special low-carb smoothie recipes. The recently discovered health risks of soy--and suggested substitutions wherever soy is called for. Coconut oil, the latest diet and health phenomenon.

Sexual Healing: The Complete Guide to Overcoming Common Sexual Problems
This greatly expanded edition of Sexual Healing examines every known sexual problem and all possible treatments, including many that are new and experimental. The book includes more than 125 exercises for specific problems — including premature ejaculation, female sexual arousal disorder, low sexual desire, and sexual aversion — as well as a new section on advanced sexual healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. Written by Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., a professor, sex therapist and former surrogate partner with over 25 years experience, the book reflects the wisdom that comes from her unique perspective as a pioneer in the field of sexuality.
Thoroughly updated and revised with the most cutting edge information on human sexuality, this third edition of Dr. Keesling’s classic text contains 80% new material and has been expanded to 400 pages. It is more like a new book — and, in fact, it is the definitive book on the subject. It is both extremely comprehensive and enjoyable to read.

Bringing Origami to Life
An abundance of diagrammed instructions help paperfolders create25 fascinating creatures, with all models keyed according to difficulty—from the easiest (a duck and a swan) to more challenging projects (crocodile, ibis, parrot, kangaroo, hippopotamus, and even a horse with rider). Includes a helpful section on wet-folding, a technique that creates firmer, more permanent models than ones formed from regular origami paper.

Construction Databook: Construction Materials and Equipment
Up-to-Date Details on Construction Materials and Equipment
A thoroughly revised, all-inclusive compendium, Construction Databook, Second Edition contains hundreds of tables, specifications, charts, and illustrations covering all of the materials and equipment most frequently used at a typical job site. You'll find easy-to-access, practical information on application, selection, dimensions, and installation of all construction components. New details on sustainable materials and energy-saving options are also included. Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, this one-stop resource will help you run any construction job more efficiently and economically.
•Soils, site utilities, and sitework equipment
•The building envelope
•Carpentry, framing, drywall, and engineered wood projects
•Fireproofing and soundproofing
•Interior finishes--millwork, laminates, paint, and wall coverings
•Doors and windows
•Mechanical systems and equipment
•Useful tables, charts, and formulas

Better Make It Real: Creating Authenticity in an Increasingly Fake World
Finally! A clear roadmap to achieving the essential differentiating competitive edge
Corporate culture, especially around authenticity, is such a nebulous thing to try to achieve. Especially these days when we must reinvent ourselves all the time to keep up with the changes in the world around us.
Better Make It Real is the first book I've seen that clearly spells out how authenticity comes alive through integrated customer and employee experiences. In very simple terms, in a straightforward, friendly way, the author helps you understand exactly what authentic experience means in a workplace setting, how to achieve it and how to sustain it in an integrated way.
If you're in business, you're going to have a reputation. Why not make it a reputation that you specifically want to have? This book will help you design who you want to be, what you want to represent to all your stakeholders and how to stay true to your core vision, even as you change with the changing times.

The Ultimate Accountants' Reference: Including GAAP, IRS and SEC Regulations, Leases, and More
A wide-ranging source of information for the practicing accountant, The Ultimate Accountants' Reference, Third Edition covers accounting regulations for all aspects of financial statements, accounting management reports, and management of the accounting department, including best practices, control systems, and the fast close. It also addresses financing options, pension plans, and taxation options. The perfect daily answer book, accountants and accounting managers will turn to The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference, Third Edition time and again for answers to the largest possible number of accounting issues that are likely to arise.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead
In this classic scripture of Tibetan Buddhism—traditionally read aloud to the dying to help them attain liberation—death and rebirth are seen as a process that provides an opportunity to recognize the true nature of mind.
This book-and-audio set offers a new way to encounter the profound meaning of this sacred text. The package contains a complete edition of The Tibetan Book of the Dead with an introduction by Francesca Fremantle and insightful commentary by Chogyam Trungpa, written in clear concise language, that explains the text and offers a psychological perspective on its teachings.

Back Pain - A Movement Problem
Back Pain: a movement problem is a practical manual to assist all students and clinicians concerned with the evaluation, diagnosis and management of the movement related problems seen in those with spinal pain disorders. It offers an integrative model of posturo-movement dysfunction which describes the more commonly observed features and related key patterns of altered control. This serves as a framework, guiding the practitioner's assessment of the individual patient.

Freemasonry And The Hidden Goddess
What are the origins of Freemasonry? What is their purpose? Even Freemasons themselves dont seem to know this and present many different theories on the origins of Freemasonry. Yet the origins of Freemasonry and purpose of Freemasonry is clearly told in their symbolism, which this book clearly explains.

Muscle Building Nutrition
Will Brink's "Muscle Building Nutrition" is in my opinion the the most complete, comprehensive and easy to understand information published to date on "how to eat to achieve lean muscle gains". (It has even been described by bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada as a "must read").
The author, Will Brink, is a genuine sports nutrition and supplementation expert, with all the credentials to prove it - not just another of the many "self acclaimed experts" that seem to appear everywhere on the Internet these days. (This fact in itself makes Muscle Building Nutrition worthy of further investigation!)
The fact is that anyone who's been working out for any length of time knows that your efforts in the gym will largely go unrewarded if you don't eat correctly. In fact many experts say that if you're trying to build lean muscle as much as 80% of your end results are down to correct nutrition and rest.

What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People
Just finished the book this week, and I must say I am quite happy with my purchase! This is a great book that gives a very nice understanding of the limbic part of our brain (A part that reacts without conscious thought) and the reasons behind our body language to understand WHY the brain reacts with these certain resposes in our body language. One of the biggest troubles i'v had with body language is memerising what all the parts mean. But with this understanding of the Limbic brain I can now understand the WHY behind all the parts, and like other reviewers have said, this makes memorising SO MUCH easier as it changed the way I look at Body language.
For anyone really interested in body language, I would recommend you buy this book which will give you a great base understanding of the science behind our body language And then buy the "Definitive Book Of Body Language" Which in my view is like the "encyclopedia" of body language, These are the Must reads for Body language in my view. The combination of the two is really a knock out punch for a very good foundation in the understanding of Body Language.

Foods That Burn Fat
This list reflects my personal preferences, so this is not a prescription to all readers to eat as I do.
It’s very important for compliance to choose foods YOU enjoy and to have the option for a wide variety of choices. In the past several years, nutrition and obesity research - looking at ALL types of diets - has continued to end with the conclusion that almost any diet that is not completely moronic can work in the short term.
It’s not so much about the hi carb low carb argument or any other debate as much as it is about compliance. The trouble is, restricted diets and staying in a calorie deficit is HARD in general, so most people can’t stick with any program and they fall off the wagon, whichever wagon that may be.

The Principles of Magic
Why can two performers do the same piece of material yet one consistently gets much more enthusiastic audience responses?
Is it possible that some of magic's most sacred axioms such as "never repeat a trick" and "never tell an audience what you're going to do" may ultimately be responsible for the huge amount of mediocre magic that abounds?
What is magic's biggest lie?
These are just a few of the topics that Richard Osterlind tackles in what may be his most passionate argument yet for a return to the fundamental principles that once made conjuring one of the most respected of the performing arts. Over the years, these principles have become misinterpreted, misunderstood or largely ignored, resulting in magic's unfortunate and undeserving loss of its rightful place in the public's estimation. The Principles of Magic is Richard Osterlind's warning flag that, as performers, we have to change many of our approaches and attitudes before it's too late and magic vanishes forever.

Successful Strategy Execution: How to Keep Your Business Goals on Target
A decent "text-book" type strategy execution reading material. Covers most of the elementary execution concepts. Not too bad if you haven't read other similar books. Nothing revolutionary or too insightful for avid readers.
Companies rarely track their performance against long-term plans, and results often fail to meet projections. When companies do track performance, it seldom matches the prior year’s projection, and a great deal of value is lost in translation. 
This new title in The Economist series shows how businesses can overcome such failings and implement strategy effectively, using facts and anecdotal evidence from the real experiences of firms.

Christopher Grey's Studio Lighting Techniques for Photography: Tricks of the Trade for Professional Digital Photographers
Here's an excellent book aimed at a very narrow segment of the photography market. It should be of interest primarily to studio portrait photographers who use strobes, although there may be other applications for which it might be useful.
Grey covers a number of lighting techniques that are beyond the basics, like shaping the background light, or using an incident light meter, or feathering a light, or using a beam splitter. These techniques will be of interest to people already comfortable with photographing with studio lights, but will be of little help to novices. Each chapter is almost like a tip in a tip book, except that rather then tell you what to do without providing understanding, the author explores each subject in great detail. For example, in discussing the use of a hair light he presents several different sources, like large and small softboxes and strip softboxes, illustrates the application and effect of each, and even shows the difference in effect with slight changes in the direction in which the model faces. There are plenty of subtly varying images and every technique is supported by lighting diagrams.
Because this is such a fine-tuned book, I feel compelled to tell you the things it does not cover. There is no explanation of the basic lighting set-up of main, fill, hair and background light (in fact Grey doesn't even use traditional fill lights); no discussion of equipment, either cameras or lights, other than some light modifiers which the author has constructed; and no discussion of exposure, except to the extent that modifying exposures when using some of his techniques will change the effect. The lighting is limited to strobes, so if you use speedlights or hot lights, you will have to convert the author's advice. On the other hand people interested in product photography that has an artier twist, or even fine art still life images, can probably get something from this book.
Given all of that, if you fit into the niche, this will be an excellent book for you. Grey emphasis that the photography business is very competitive and that, in order to be successful, the portrait photographer has to come up with a look that is different. The differences he creates are often subtle but they may open new doors for the appropriate reader.

Beyond Brawn: The Insider's Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle and Might
This book is not a lone voice in the wilderness of body-building, nor is its advice "new." It is one author's practical guide to the principles of effective body building for people without genetic advantages. Numerous experts and professional trainers in the field who have been buried under the avalanche of muscle magazine hype, supplements, and steroid abuse the best-kept non-secret of the bodybuilding world share this philosophy. These people are finding a voice on web sites..., but this is one of a precious few books that puts a great deal of that knowledge at your fingertips for easy reference.
If you are someone who doesn't want to do illegal drugs, your genetics DO matter. So does your capacity to recover between intense workouts. Most people can't go to the gym 4-6 days a week and expect muscle-building results that will continue to pile on over months or years. I'm living testament to that, having done typical training methods for three years and getting nowhere after my initial beginner's gains. Tweaking my workouts and nutrition in various ways had little effect if any at all. Then I followed the principles laid out in this book and (so far) have gained 7 pounds in seven weeks that wasn't fat. Sound like a gimmick? It isn't. The gimmicks are in the hyped-up marketing campaigns of the bodybuilding industry. BEYOND BRAWN is about safety, sanity, hard work, getting the most out of the hand you've been dealt, and the fine art of knowing when you are doing too much and thus hindering your progress.
I will agree with the previous reviewers that there is a lot of repetition. It's a small inconvenience to pay for all the valuable information you get, but probably a necessary thing to a reader who has done high-volume training for years and may be tempted to hold on to counter-productive elements of their ingrained training style.

Relax into Stretch: Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension
I always had a sense that there was something wrong with the way stretching was typically taught and understood. When you stretch your muscles, they become tense. This can be observed by anybody, quite easily. Simply continuing to stretch beyond this point - the way most of us learned, is painful. It's no fun at all, and if you do manage to make any progress, it's over the course of months or years. I knew there had to be something better out there.
Found it! This is it. You learn to control the tension in the muscle, and the stretch happens naturally. This book tells you why this works, and how. There are 30+ stretches in this book, some for muscles you may not have previously though of stretching.
It's not painful, and it's a routine you can look forward to. You no longer have to stretch because somebody told you it was good for you. You won't be stuffing yourself into a suitcase like a contortiounist over night, but you will make significant progress in one session (your first).
Now, I doubt Pavel invented this method, and there seem to be other books on the subject, so let me address other aspects of this book. It's a blast just to read it. Pavel has a unique wit, the likes of which I have not seen before. His style allows him to be very straightforward about what he is teaching you.
Even the pictures are charming. These aren't those akward pictures that you see in fitness books, where the subject quite obviously does not want to be photographed, and consequently you don't feel quite right looking at them. He seems to be enjoying himself. There's even pictures where he's showing you what NOT to do, and he has a finger pointing at you as if to say "Now there, don't you try this, Comrade!"

Partner Stalking: How Women Respond, Cope, and Survive
Women's perceptions and definitions of stalking The health and mental health problems that co-occur with partner stalking and violent relationships Levels of stress caused by and/or exacerbated by partner violence and stalking Impacts on financial and employment status, social activities, and relationships Victims' access to the justice system and the growing need for better interventions by law enforcement and stronger policies and services to protect victims.

More Harm Than Good: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Common Treatments and Procedures
This book was very readable and easy to understand. It should be read by everyone who wants to obtain the best medical care or is concerned about rising health care costs. It deals with health care in the United States from a patient, doctor and national perspective. There is an excellent review of common serious diseases including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Problems that may be inherent in use of the latest pill, technology, or procedure and the overuse of screening tests are well covered. The authors present a compelling case for better use of statistical approaches in modern medicine which should provide better treatment and reduced costs.

Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty
The book is very short but excellent. When I read, I'm looking for at least one nugget of wisdom which may come by way of something that I thought I fully understood, but God, gives me deeper insight. That happened with "Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty". Brother Joyner writes specifically about "the spirit of criticism" and its terrible impact on your life. Simply a BLESSING. A MUST READ.

The Fat-Burning Bible: 28 Days of Foods, Supplements, and Workouts that Help You Lose Weight
I bought this book after seeing a few bad reviews along with all the good ones. Some critics where fair, there is a lot of things in this book that have been said before, but honestly, when was there a big revolution in getting healthy? The only new things in this category are fad diets and we all know they don't work. This book is very well written and it is not only written for the grossly overweight who have tried everything, but it is also written for people who are trying to help health issues such as high cholesterol and diabetes. Mr. Shilstone does a very good job explaining why things do and do not work rather than just saying it. All of the food recipes work well and he makes sure to make the point of not leaving large groups of foods off your diet, also everything he suggests is very satisfying food that tastes good too.
The supplements can be a bit overwhelming if you aren't used to taking lots of pills every day. As for the "9 foods that burn fat" that another reviewer pointed out don't exist, the actual title of that chapter is "foods that burn fat", the chapter number is 9, so that is just a misunderstanding. This book is more about fixing your matabolism so that you can lose fat and not lean muscle mass, if that is not your goal, or you are not willing to invest an hour a day to exercise, you will not fully benefit from this book. With that said, do not be scared by the full hour, this is not a "gym rat" type of workout, it is not designed to become a bodybuilder, it is set up to get your muscles into shape to burn excess calories.

How to Talk to Dads
Never underestimate the power of the father!
You may think you know all the tricks, but ten-year-old Alec Greven knows that when it comes to dads, you have to be on your toes. Some dads are strict, and some are easygoing, but they all have a good side and a bad side. What you get totally depends on Dad's mood and your attitude. So no matter how old you are or how tight you are with the big guy, trust Alec to help you get down to the bottom of what makes your dad tick.

Get Fit with Technology: How to Lose Weight Using Your PC
"Get Fit With Technology" is, without a doubt, one of the BEST investments I've ever made. I, also, had read that the Journal of the American Medical Association had published statistical information, which showed that computer-aided diet and exercise programs enabled dieters to lose approximately 3 TIMES as much weight as those who didn't use such programs. I reasoned that if I learned only 1-2 tools that would help in the weight battle, it would be well worth the price of the book. Well, fortunately I learned so much more! It contained a wealth of information and I am so grateful that I purchased this book.
I have over 50 diet/exercise/health book in my personal library. Moreover, I subscribe to several health newsletters - both online and through the mail. But I have to candidly tell you that I came close to not ordering this book, which would have been a HUGE mistake.

Imagine being able to take a regular deck of cards and having a spectator cut anywhere in the deck, they place three cards in three different pockets and recase the deck, making sure that everything is secure before you turn around, yet you are able to tell them what cards they have and in which pocket.
Glimpse is a fantastic utlity item that has many applications, another routine that Marc Spelmann has included is Wink Murder, four silver coins and one copper coin are dropped into your card case and mixed around, five spectators each take a single coin, the one who has the copper coin will be the muderer, you without questions or double talk are able to locate the murderer in your best psychic detective role. This is a great routine for initmate cabaret and around the tables, it envolves five people and has an edgy feel to it.

Google Apps Hacks
I happily take advantage of a number of Google applications such as Gmail, iGoogle, Google Calendar, and a few other things. But there's more to the Google Apps family than that, and I know I'm not getting all I can out of the offerings. After going through Google Apps Hacks by Philipp Lenssen, I have a number of new tricks to try out both on stuff I already use as well as a few other apps. Fun stuff!

Get to the Top on Google
I love how new technologies also breed experts to help us understand and guide us through their complexities. David Viney calls himself "The SEO Expert". So, what is SEO? It is Search Engine Optimization. That is, how can your company make the best use of marketing to your customers using search engines, in this case Google. Since 84% of all people doing searches on the web never get past the second page of search results, it makes sense to do what you can to get your web pages as close to the top as possible.
Viney is very clear about the work involved and the kinds of businesses that do best in these efforts. He provides a seven step process to help you optimize the trade-offs you face in trying to get seen in the Google search results pages.

Google: The Missing Manual
Sure, you know how to "Google it" when you're searching for something on the Web. But did you know how much more you could achieve by clicking beyond the "Google Search" button? Our fully updated and expanded edition to Google: The Missing Manual covers everything you need to know to become a Google guru--including all the new, cool, and often overlooked features that make Google the world's best search engine.

Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend
There are many books on the market about increasing web traffic; I have read several of them. After completing significant research, I have found that this book is one of the best available. It breaks the process down into simple "bite size" tasks that the reader can complete over a few days - provided they have read ahead.

eBay Auction Templates Starter Kit
Looking for "it"? That something different that will increase your eBay auction sale rates and selling prices? One of the most effective ways to generate more sales at high price-points is to create a more attractive, attention-getting auction listing. The easiest way to do this is through the use of templates that you can quickly populate with minimal effort and will maintain a style consistency across all of your auctions.

Don't Get Burned on EBay: How to Avoid Scams and Escape Bad Deals
Lots of books tell you how to buy and sell on eBay. But what if something goes horribly awry? Do you have to chalk it up to a "lesson learned," lick your wounds and move on? Not a chance. Don't Get Burned on eBay offers relevant lessons based on real-life stories posted on eBay's Answer Center. With sharp, witty rhetoric, veteran eBay user Shauna Wright (co-founder of the popular web site, shows eBay veterans and newcomers alike how to avoid those nasty scenarios, and how to pull themselves out of the muck if they've already fallen in.

Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program
Get your Web site to "show you the money" by using Google to draw more eyes--and wallets--to your content. In this friendly, four-color guide from veteran author and Web developer Eric Giguere, you'll learn all about Google's AdSense program and how you can use it to make your Web site or blog more profitable. Written in an easy-to-read, non-technical style, this book follows three average people--Claude, Stef, and Anita--as they learn to create money-making blogs and Web sites. Through their experiences, you'll learn: basic Web terminology; the Google Adsense nuts and bolts; how to host, build, and publish targeted ads and Google search boxes to your Web site; filter out inappropriate ads; track page performance; drive traffic to your site; and more. A four-part companion Web site features a blog, includes reader resources, and details the techniques discussed in the book.
Online marketers agree that AdSense is one of the best tools you can use to draw dollars to your site. Let Giguere show you how to make the most of Google and have fun doing it!

Essential Blogging: Selecting and Using Weblog Tools
"If you're not a Blogger user then Essential Blogging, the king of the 'how to' books, would me more appropriate." "Packed with tips and code examples it is a treasure trove for the writer who wants to move beyond the standard templates bundled with each system. Even advanced users are likely to find some value in its discussion of BloggerAPI clients used for posting to a blog without firing up a browser." PCW, March "... Essential Blogging, the king of the 'how to' books... Packed with tips and code examples it is a treasure trove for the writer who wants to move beyond the standard templates bundled with each system. Comprising first-hand accounts of what blogging means to some of the community's leading lights, it is precisely what The Weblog Handbook should have been." - Nik Rawlinson, PCW, March
Anyone can run a blog (an online journal). From personal diaries to political commentary and technology observations, bloggers are making their voices heard around the world. Essential Blogging helps you select the right blogging software for your needs and show how to get your blog up and running. You'll learn the ingredients of a successful blog, and then get detailed installation, configuration and operation instructions for the leading blogging software: Blogger, Radio Userland, Movable Type, and Blosxom. For each blogging tool you'll learn how to post, edit and delete entries; add pictures; syndicate your stories with RSS; change the appearance of your blog; and manage archives. You'll also learn about the desktop clients that make blogging simple, and get advice and read the stories of real bloggers. Written by prominent bloggers and authors of blogging tools, Essential Blogging is a no-nonsense guide to the technology of blogging.

Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded
On September 13, 1998, John Scalzi sat down in front of his computer to write the first entry in his blog "Whatever" -- and changed the history of the Internet as we know it today.
What, you're not swallowing that one? Okay, fine: He started writing the "Whatever" and amused about 15 people that first day. If that many. But he kept at it, for ten years and running. Now 40,000 people drop by on a daily basis to see what he's got to say.
About what? Well, about whatever: Politics, writing, family, war, popular culture and cats (especially with bacon on them). Sometimes he's funny. Sometimes he's serious (mostly he's sarcastic). Sometimes people agree with him. Sometimes they send him hate mail, which he grades on originality and sends back. Along the way, Scalzi's become a best-selling, award-winning author, a father, and a geek celebrity. But no matter what, there's always another Whatever to amuse and/or enrage his readers.
Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded collects some of the best and most popular Whatever entries over the history of the blog, from some of the very first entries right up into 2008. It's a decade of Whatever, presented in delightfully random form -- just the way it should be.

Online Marketing Inside Out
Online Marketing Inside Out /by Brandon Eley (Author),Shayne Tilley (Author).Online Marketing Inside Out is an invaluable book for anyone wanting to market products or services online - whether or not marketing is part of your job description. Small-business entrepreneurs and web-site owners will benefit from this information-packed book, as will traditional marketers with little or no experience of online marketing.
With so many potential customers online this book will show you how to reach and interact with them through podcasting, blogs, social networks, video, email, and contextual advertising. This book doesn't just cover the basics, it is inspiring reading for anyone looking for new ways to reach new and larger customer bases.
You will learn about:
* The changing face of marketing
* The new frontier of PR and media
* Using your web site to generate income
* Getting the most from the search engine crowd
* Promote your message through socializing
* Implementing profitable email marketing campaigns
* Getting others to sell your products for you
* Spreading your message through online advertising.

How to Do Everything With the Internet
Over the past few years, literally millions of people in North America and elsewhere have gotten themselves hooked up to the Internet. This book is intended to help those users, both the novices and the knowledgeable, to get the most out of the vast array of services and resources that this extraordinary communications tool provides.
The book begins at the beginning, and assumes you have some basic understanding of how to use a Windows-based or Macintosh computer. The first essential is to actually get connected, so Part I, ''Explore the Internet," starts by telling you how to obtain basic Internet services. From there it goes on to teach you how to surf the Web with a Web browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, and covers the key skill of using search engines to locate the information and resources you need.
Part II, "Keep and Use What You've Found," shows you how to get your computer to save the information you find on the Internet, and tells you how you can download and install computer software to your own machine. It also explores the ways in which you can enjoy the music and video available on the Web.
In Part III, "Communicate on the Internet," you'll learn the essential skills of e-mail, including using attachments and dealing with spam. In this section also, you'll find out about newsgroups, chat rooms, online gaming, and buying and selling online.
Since not all is sweetness and light in this world, the subject of Part IV is "Your Security and the Internet". These chapters cover the issues of your personal privacy and the possible threats to it, the dangers of computer viruses and the methods of dealing with them, and ways you should protect yourself and your family from the less savory corners of the Net.

Word Searches For Dummies
Become a word search whiz - and boost your brain power to boot!
Are you wild about word searches? This fun, go-anywhere guide is packed with puzzles to stretch your skills and strengthen your mind. Inside you'll find eight different kinds of word searches - including one invented by the author! - as well as extensive tips and tricks to improve your puzzle-solving abilities. You'll have a great time mastering increasingly difficult searches while you reap the brain-boosting benefits.

101 Ways to Promote Your Tourism Business Web Site: Proven Internet Marketing Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Draw Travelers to Your Site
Full of practical, proven techniques and step-by-step strategies, this informative resource teaches internet tourism businesses how to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. With a design that allows each chapter to stand on its own, the book provides easy and immediate implementation for a variety of promotion strategies, including those geared for bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and theme parks. By learning to utilize industry-specific internet newsgroups and mailing lists, businesses can target their customers, examine advertising techniques of their competitors, and ensure consistent visibility on the Web. Tips on updating, revisiting, and rethinking a business’s online presence round out the advice, ensuring that potential and existing clients keep coming back.


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