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Book Titles & Summaries

Teach Yourself Visualy Sock Knitting
Socks are portable, fun to knit, and quick to complete—and they make great gifts. This step-by-step guide walks you through all the techniques used to knit beautiful socks—from buying yarn to working on double-pointed needles, from turning a heel to grafting a toe. It covers knitting socks top-down, toe-up, and flat, explains how to create various heels and toes, and gives you a dozen original patterns for everything from baby booties to knee socks. Whether you're new to knitting or just new to socks, you'll learn the skills needed for a lifetime of creative sock knitting.

A Creative Guide to Knitted Lace
Instructions and ideas for creating ten lace designs feature in this guide. These range from a lace-edged handkerchief to a Victorian bedspread and tablecloth. Information about the needles and materials needed is included, together with advice about stitch techniques, filet crochet and patterns.

Origami Jewelry, More Than 40 Exquisite Designs to Fold and Wear
With precise instructions and vivid, four-color photographs, Ayako Brodek shows readers how to create 40 elegant and unusual pieces of jewelry. Each project includes a list of materials, illustrated step-by-step folding and finishing instructions, a beautiful photo of the completed piece, and suggested color variations, paper designs and embellishments to make each piece exciting and unique.

Blue and White Cross Stitch
Features 28 fresh and vibrant designs influenced by the well-known motifs of Willow Pattern ceramics Delftware Toiles de Jouy textiles and other popular blue and white designs; Decorative and useful projects for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms; Each design can be adapted for other soft furnishings or accessories; Easy-to-read comprehensive instructions and colour charts accompany each project; Includes practical information on stitches and how to make the items featured
About the Author
Helena Turvey studied fashion and textile design at Hornsey College of Art, London. She has written two other books for Hamlyn - Thomas the Tank Engine Cross Stitch and Cross Stitch World of Animals.

Two-Hour Beaded Projects: More Than 200 Designs
Earings, wind-chimes, a butterfly stationery box and a cherub picture frame are among these 200 beaded projects, each of which can be completed in two hours. The book describes the different types of beads and their best uses, along with all the techniques needed.

Bag Style
Custom handbags and handcrafted purses are hotter than ever - bags have become the trendy way to show off personal style. As knitters move away from the scarf, bags are replacing them as the most popular small project to make. Whether knitted, crocheted, or felted, there are endless ways to personalize and customize a bag.From a tiny pouch to carry an iPod to a generous tote based on nineteenth-century carpet bags to a felted messenger-style bag to a delicate purse with handles made of bracelets, knitters and crocheters will find loads of practical projects and inventive inspiration from twenty top knitwear designers. Each project features gorgeous photographs and step-by-step instructions, and all techniques are explained in easy-to-understand detail.

Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders
Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders features projects that combine wireworking skills with beaded jewelry design. The book is technique-driven, with chapters on wire fundamentals, terminology, materials, and basic wireworking techniques, and projects that develop the reader’s skills. The projects incorporate gemstones, crystal, glass, and pearls and are designed for both beaders and wireworkers of all skill levels. Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders includes appealing designs — all tested — for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, and jewelry components.

Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting
Beautiful, intricate, flowing, mysterious, iconic—cable knit sweaters are all that and more. They are classic, stylish wardrobe staples. For many of us, cables are the main reason we were compelled to learn to knit in the first place. But it’s necessary to be an ultra-advanced knitter to even think about knitting cables, right?
Not really. In Cables Untangled, widely published author, knitwear designer, and teacher Melissa Leapman demystifies this perennially popular technique, guiding the reader through the process step by step. Even if you’ve mastered just a few basic knitting techniques, you can turn out beautiful cables too!
A comprehensive resource book for knitters of all levels, Cables Untangled features over twenty cabled projects, from simple household items to clothing, fashion accessories, and gifts for virtually everyone on your list. Every project is beautifully photographed and includes useful detail shots of every piece of cabled fabric.
In addition to the projects, Cables Untangled includes an invaluable Cable Stitch Dictionary, giving you the tools to be a skilled and creative cable-knitter. Extra resources include:
• A guide to using knitting charts and understanding their symbols
• A comprehensive stitch library of both traditional and unusual rib, panel, and allover cable stitches, all clearly photographed and accompanied by easy-to-use charts
• Tips for designing your own projects
Throughout the book, Leapman relies on the techniques she has developed teaching her popular workshops—making the process easy and fun for anyone.
Here’s the book that will bring your knitting to a whole new level, help you impress family and friends with your beautiful creations, and open up a new world of creative opportunities. Without a doubt, Cables Untangled is an indispensable resource in helping you conquer—and enjoy!—cables. It’s the ultimate guide for beginners and seasoned knitters alike.
Cable knitting at its best : over 20 designs and more than 100 cable stitches
Widely published author, designer, and teacher Melissa Leapman includes over twenty beautiful sweater and accessory designs—plus more than 100 cable-stitch patterns—in the definitive cable resource book for beginners and experts alike.
With Cables Untangled, even beginning knitters can learn to cable like pros, and those who already consider themselves seasoned cablers will find new avenues for their creativity and skill as they expand their repertoire and learn to design their own cabled creations.

Runway Knits: 30 Fashion-Forward Designs
For more than two decades, New York City fashion maven Berta Karapetyan has been creating gorgeous high-end knit-wear, designing awe-inspiring sweaters, and working as a technical knitwear developer for the likes or more than two decades, New York City fashion maven Berta Karapetyan has been creating gorgeous high-end knit-wear, designing awe-inspiring sweaters, and working as a technical knitwear developer for the likes of Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, as well as Banana Republic and Gap. Now, after founding the highly successful and inventive yarn company Karabella Yarns, Berta focuses her keen designer’s eye on the sophisticated knitting patterns revealed here in Runway Knits.

Folded Flowers: Fabric Origami with a Twist of Silk Ribbon
With a blend of Eastern and Western influences, Kumiko Sudo reinvents fabric origami with 24 new small quilt designs intertwining silk ribbons, cotton, and other fabrics. Choosing two or three Japanese flowers that bloom in each month of the year, each quilt presents an origami flower, its buds and leaves crafted from fabric and ribbon. Six additional purse designs feature a flower for each season. Step-by-step color drawings help make the projects easy to understand and follow. Introductions to each featured flower, lyrical haiku poems, elegant Japanese calligraphy, and watercolor paintings provide a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage that has inspired these designs. Full color photographs of projects in authentic Japanese settings help provide a complete sense of the final product. A free lesson plan is available to qualified quilting teachers via mail or e-mail directly from the publishers.

1001 Full-Size Patterns, Projects & Ideas
Season after season, you will have 1001 pattern, projects and ideas to craft just about everything your creative side can imagine. Whether you love to paint, sew, decoupage, snip, fold or glue -- you will find a variety of pattern styles to personalise your project. And with all the projects in this book, you will be tempted to try out a new technique or two -- ones you will master in no time! Features: full-size patterns, step-by-step project instructions; complete materials lists; helpful diagrams; full-colour project photographs; colour suggestions for patterns; ideas and inspiration for even more projects.
• More than 1,000 ideas will keep crafters busy year-round
• Full-size patterns make any project easy to complete
• Detailed instructions guide crafters from start to finish

Knit with Beads: Beautiful Gifts
It’s knitting. It’s beading. It’s two, two, two craft sensations in one great book! It’s Knit with Beads: Beautiful Gifts, the second book in the popular Knit with Beads series.[/center]
The eighteen inspired projects in this new book include great bags, hats, and socks, plus fun gifts like the Cozy Neckwarmer, knitted with plush multicolored slubbed wool and oversized glass seed beads, the Let It Snow Christmas Stocking, featuring a sweet snowman and beaded snowflakes, and the adorable Puppy Love Sweater, a hoodie with sequined edging.
Who wouldn’t love gifts like these? Knit with Beads: Beautiful Gifts starts readers off with the basics of knitting with beads and offers step-by-steps for such techniques as bead embroidery, beaded fringe, beaded knitting, slip-stitch beading, stranded beading, hook beading, and bead knitting. Simple enough for beginners, pretty enough for advanced knitters, these gifts will have every crafter making a list of lucky friends and family.

The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide
Everything you ever wanted to know about quilting! You've hit the jackpot with this quilter's ultimate answer book. From A to Z you'll find combined wisdom from a star-studded cast of 60 expert quilters. Lavishly illustrated, this fun "look-and-learn" reference book covers every aspect of quiltmaking: * Basic quiltmaking techniques * Hard-to-find information on specialized techniques * Reviews of tolls and supplies * Basic quilt types explained and illustrated * Definitions of terms every quiltmaker should know * Creativity and inspiration
If you are a new quilter or a quilter of many years, this book is a absolute must have for your library. It doesn't matter if you are a hand quilter or a machine quilter; this book is for you. It shows simply and beautifully everything from beginning to end. You will love reviewing how to do something you don't do often . It will show you how to do something you have never tried. This is a book you will always want to keep handy for reference over the years. If you are going to buy only one instructional book, this is the one to choose!!

Shaped Beadwork: Dimensional Jewelry with Peyote Stitch
This master jeweler and multibook author spent much time and care figuring out the construction of shaped beads—the two- and the three-dimensional kinds. That means that, thanks to her patience and creativity, handmade beads now can resemble high-end dimensional necklaces and bracelets from designer brands. More intricate than the traditional craft, shaped beadwork begins with a mastery of the peyote stitch, a technique that weaves the thread into a bead twice to create an unbroken surface, then proceeds to making flat geometric shapes (triangle, square, and oval, for instance); open shapes (that is, with “holes” inside); and finally to cubes, tetras, and dodecas (12 pentagons). Although the majority of the book is devoted to the actual fashioning of these bead shapes, Fitzgerald adds her personal inspiration by way of a dozen-plus items to make, including a Celtic trefoil, Berber earrings, and a trillium necklace.

Art of Seed Beading
Beading books tend to concentrate on one technique and ignore or only briefly mention other ones. Here, three very new authors combine their talents to present a wealth of methodologies and an abundance of projects. For each project, instructions come first. And after breezing through a history and overview of equipment, the authors emphasize the how-to in such stitches as peyote and herringbone and such elaborate processes as tubular beaded crochet. Every one of the more than 25 projects focuses on a specific tool or technique, complete with color graphs, a list of materials, size and measurements, a color photo, and diagrams.

Nordic Knitting: Thirty-One Patterns in the Scandinavian Tradition
This collection of over 30 hand-knitted patterns are all from Scandinavian countries. The book is in two parts - looking at the historical development of knitting in the following islands and countries: Faroe Islands, Aland Islands, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Greenland and Denmark. The second section of the book shows the reader how to knit each design and how to adapt the patterns to varying shapes and styles of sweater. The important elements are the traditional motifs incorporated into the designs.
Summary: Good coverage of traditional Scandinavian knitting
Lots of historical information for Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden , Aaland and Finland, with color illustrations. The pattern instructions have black and white charts.

French-Inspired Jewelry: Creating with Vintage Beads, Buttons & Baubles
Celebrated designer Kaari Meng—owner of the Hollywood-based store, French General—invites beaders along to learn all about her distinctive French flea market style. Meng’s projects charm with their vintage flair and feminine beauty, yet all require very little experience to make. Follow Kaari as she digs through her vast personal archives of classic beads and creates unique pieces; along the way she teaches all the basic techniques, from simple wirework to bezel setting, and explains how to build a bead collection, develop a palette, and get exquisite results from easy-to-find reproduction beads. All the chapters are organized by places of inspiration throughout the French countryside, each with its own color scheme and special necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair ornaments to craft.

Needlepoint a Foundation Course
A structured foundation course for needlepoint, this text is an introduction for the beginner and a source of ideas for the more accomplished. The main thrust is how to work the stitches successfully and how to use them to the best effect.
Master the four basic stitches of tent, basketweave, cross, and straight and you'll be able to handle a nice selection of designs with ease. Learn the more advanced techniques of beadwork, crewel wool shading, petit point, and decorative stitching and you can create an even greater variety of handsome projects. Move on to the chapter covering variation and experimentation and find out how to design your own work start to finish, making for virtually unlimited possibilities. The 18 projects are fully charted in black and white with accompanying color codes. Beginners should find the book quite approachable; more-accomplished embroiderer will appreciate the coverage of dyeing yarns and using stitches to best effect when inventing their own designs.

Knitting School: A Complete Course
A complete course? Pretty darn close. This oversize and highly visual book begins with the basics and then details many techniques that are often not used even by experienced knitters simply because they don't know how: edgings, blocking, more elaborate ways of increasing and decreasing, pleating, and knitting with beads. Instructions, diagrams, and illustrations are all crisp and effective. Although brand-new knitters may not be able to simply work from a book, those who are past the scarf-making stage will be able to follow right along. An attractive treat for knitters who want to learn about going to the next level without jumping into more difficult patterns.

Metal Clay In A Day
Try metal clay the quick and easy way!
If you want to try your hand at metal clay, but you're intimidated by the time commitment or cost, Metal Clay in a Day is the book for you. Basic techniques and more than twenty-five simple, stylish jewelry projects offer you the perfect introduction to metal clay without requiring you to spend a fortune on new tools and materials.
Metal Clay in a Day will get you started with:
- Straightforward, simple projects. You'll learn everything you need to know to make easy but attractive earrings, necklaces and bracelets using a minimal amount of metal clay.
- Low-cost tools and techniques. You won't believe the shapes and designs you can make using tools you probably already have in your home!
- No-kiln firing. Every project in the book can be fired using a hand-held butane torch instead of a kiln, and you'll learn simple steps to getting professional-looking results.
Make a piece this afternoon and show it off tonight! Take home Metal Clay in a Day-- and let the metal play begin.

Get Real Greetings: Creating Cards for Your Sassiest Sentiments
Forget sweet and sappy...
Celebrate the ups and downs of real life with these sassy greeting cards.
Did your best girlfriend get a speeding ticket, get dumped and get fired, all in the same week? Or did she just introduce you to her hot new boyfriend who just happens to be a masseuse? Too bad there are no sections in the greeting card aisles for those occasions!
Get Real Greetings picks up where store-bought cards and traditional card-making books leave off. You'll find something here for all the non-occasions of everyday life--with cards covering everything from "The Usual Crap" to "The Joys of Womanhood"--as well as snarky new twists on more tried-and-true topics. Choose from 70+ fabulous card designs, plus dozens of bonus unsentimental sentiments to mix and match with your favorites. Simple instructions make it easy to create these fresh and funny cards whenever inspiration (in the form of a girlfriend's triumph or tragedy) strikes.
Give your friends their just desserts--make them a Get Real greeting today!

Pillow Talk: Sensational Home Decor Through Embroidery
Combining home decor industry techniques and standards with the inspiration and creativity of professional designers Pam Damour and Katie Bartz, Pillow Talk provides today's sewer with new sewing tips, projects and instruction on how to personalize each project.  Pillow Talk starts with a primer on machine sewing, covering all of the basics including making continuous bias, welting and zipper insertion. The projects cover a wide variety of pillow types and functions with clear instructions and full-color step-by-step photos of the techniques, patterns and designs.
There are lots of great things about PILLOW TALK. It is spiral bound so the pages lay open without having to weight them down or break the binding by pushing too far.  And, of course, there are the projects, sixteen in all. Don't forget - there are also recipes too. I mean who can quilt and embroidery without food? Yes, one of them is about chocolate. The Basic Techniques section talks about continuous bias, making welting and how to put in a zipper. The method shown is so easy I can't wait to try it. The pillow patterns come in all shapes - rectangular, square, a flower with petals, hearts, neck rolls and even a poinsettia. The embroidery designs used to accent the pillows are ones that you will be able to use over and over again. Instructions are easy to read and follow with a materials list, how to cut the material and lots of large, clear graphics showing you the steps. If you want to give pillows as Christmas gifts or if your bedroom or living rooms needs a few new accents,PILLOW TALK will walk you right through the process.

100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet
A Collection of beautiful blooms for embellishing  cloths, accessories, cushions and throws, making jewelry. Knitting and crochet technique.

More Sensational Knitted Socks
Discover more patterns, more stitches, and more styles-this follow-up to the award-winning best-seller Sensational Knitted Socks presents new possibilities for knitting great socks! Combine the yarn, gauge, stitch pattern, and size of your choice to knit more than 1,000 variations of adult- and kid-sized socks, Start with 11 basic designs; then try loads of different looks with an all-new stitch-pattern library, Choose your favorite technique-use four or five double-pointed needles or two circular needles; knit top down or toe up, Customize your socks with heel, toe, and cuff options.

Paper Bouquet: Using Paper Punches to Create Beautiful Flowers
Cherry blossoms, forsythia, marigolds, and petunias: Who would have imagined you could recreate such gorgeous blooms with just paper and craft punches? You can—and this accessible new craft will appeal to anyone with a creative bent. Using her own original, unique techniques, Susan Tierney Cockburn offers 40 beloved flowers to make for decorating gifts and home decor. She teaches the simple basics, including paper manipulation, gluing, and coloring, and presents her flowers as colorfully as they’re found in nature. From A (Amaryllis) to Z (Zinnia), there’s a bountiful bouquet of blooms to choose from! Photographs document every step, and a visual template of the punches accompanies each flower. A dozen sample projects range from picture frames to wreaths.

Paper Universe (Star Trek)
Toys are getting increasingly expensive and complicated. Upon the creation of interactive games, the promise was held out that you could travel to other worlds, but it was still lust a promise. You couldn't reach out, touch, feel, and truly interact with those places. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create a starship from something as vivid as your own imagination? A ship that you could hold, but was lust a simple, inexpensive piece of paper? You could create and command a fleet of starships in lust minutes.

Knitted Gardens
A book of imaginative and practical knitting projects, all with a garden flavor for knitters and garden-lovers alike.
Delightfully quirky, this knitting guide opens up endless creative possibilities on a garden theme. Hundreds of projects large and small include traditional furnishing such as bedspreads, pillows, and wall hangings, and knitters are invited to explore and experiment with the patterns. What truly sets the book apart, however, are the instructions for three-dimensional tabletop gardens that astound with their detail and inventiveness: a Victorian kitchen garden, a friary garden, and an entire row of cottage gardens complete with wildlife, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Colorful Stitchery: 65 Hot Embroidery Projects to Personalize Your Home
Embroidery has never looked this good or been so colorful! And it’s never been so much fun to do. With inspiration and encouragement from designer and colorist Kristin Nicholas, would-be and experienced stitchers alike will find dozens of projects that add exuberance to every room in the house.
Nicholas’s collection opens with pillow covers in dancing colors on unexpected patterns and fabrics, such as stripes and plaids, velvets and corduroys. For kitchens, she offers a joyfully polka-dotted tea cozy or jewel-bright, purchased napkins and tablecloth creatively stitched with floral motifs. Personalized wedding gifts include a luxurious, monogrammed cashmere throw and his-and-hers hot water bottle covers; or for the perfect baby gift, a cozy matching blanket and teddy bear set.
Many projects feature fabrics from flea markets and thrift shops, with complete how-to on hand-felting and hand-dyeing sweaters and blankets for the very softest, most colorful look. With her ribbon-stitched craft boxes (perfect for scrapbookers), embroidered stationery, and even a pair of espadrilles, the author explores an exciting world of embroidering on unexpected surfaces and materials.
Nicholas encourages readers to find inspiration in whatever pleases them—gardens, nature, ceramics, architecture, ethnic and vintage textiles, postcards and magazines—and to use that inspiration as the basis for this new spin on traditional stitchery. This is the craft book for every creative person who loves fibers and fabrics, and itches to counterbalance the teched-up part of their lives by using their hands for selfexpression and personal fulfillment.

Dollar Bill Origami
Step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams show paper folders at all levels of expertise how to fashion 37 origami models from dollar bills. Beginners will enjoy making a boat and a butterfly. Windmills and peacocks will suit intermediate-level hobbyists. An alligator and bison should prove no problem for advanced paper folders.

Knitting Patterns for Dummies
Have you always wanted to knit? Know the basics, but you’re looking to stretch your knitting skills? Knitting Patterns For Dummies is chock-full of simple instructions and easy-to-follow patterns to help you create a wide range of classic, beautiful knits for the whole family, from clothing to household items to gift ideas.
This fun, friendly guide gives you scores of new ways to have fun with needles and yarn, with great projects such as basic ponchos and pullovers, felted bags and slippers, cabled sweaters, and home and baby accessories, to name a few. You get step-by-step instructions for all the patterns in the book, along with line drawings and 8 pages of full-color photos to guide you.
And, with the variations added at the end of many of the patterns, you’ll have almost 100 projects to choose from! You’ll discover how to:
* Select the right yarn and needles
* Decipher knitting lingo
* Measure your gauge, read a pattern, and understand garment sizing
* Work with common stitches, such as the stockinette, garter seed, box, and half linen
* Handle ribbing, cabling, and knitting lace
* Work with patterns with rectangles, circles, and triangles
* Use colorful stitches such as the Stripes, Fair Isle, and Mosaic
* Join shapes together in your design
* Create different textures and add color throughout a piece or just as accents
You’ll also find ten things you can knit with that aren’t yarn or needles, as well as plenty of tips for caring for your knits once they’re complete. From beanies to bags to blankets,Knitting Patterns For Dummies has it all—everything you need to pick up your sticks and get creative right away!

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