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Bookmaster is a free book service. We provide our members with 1000's of free books. Membership is also 100% free, so why not join us TODAY!

Use the form on the right to join the club, and we will keep you informed as to the new book pages, as and when we place them on the site.

Please note, we do not participate in any sort of 'file sharing', we simply find free book links on the web, and share this information with our members. We do not upload/download books to or from any hosting provider.

On this site you will find 'Book Mixes' with selections of books we have found, on each page you will only find pictures of the book covers & summaries. If you would like to obtain these books for nothing, then you will have to join our free book club.

You will find every variety of book in the club; fiction, horror, DIY, childrens, fantasy, biography's, encyclopedia's,
crafts, art, business, Internet, games, magic, humor, and so much more!
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